20th Division (Word of Blake)

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20th Division (Enlightened Ministry IV-sigma)
Unit Profile (as of 3075)
Nickname Enlightened Ministry
Parent Formation Word of Blake Militia
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3076

Unit Brief[edit]

The 20th Division was a "hidden" Word of Blake Militia unit that was secretly assembled just prior to the outbreak of the Jihad. The unit was known as a mentor/teaching unit for other pro-blakist forces. It was a veteran skilled unit as of 3075.


Hesperus II Raid[edit]

The unit first appeared in a raid against Hesperus II during opening events of the 3068. It struck the planet, six months after the 16th's & 20th Divisions' initial raids as part of Operation: Steel Hammer. The unit as part of the effort to soften up the planet's defenses for future plan invasion of the planet.[1]

Strikes in the Draconis Combine[edit]

In 3069, the unit split itself up and its elements struck the Combine worlds of Cebalrai and Vega. Successfully, invading these worlds, the 20th's elements trained these worlds' respective Protectorate Militia to assume garrison duty on them. After two years of occupation and training, the 20th re-assembled and were assigned to the Free Worlds League for assignment in 3071.[2]

Tour of Duty in the Free Worlds League[edit]

The unit was assigned to garrison Marik in 3072. The unit was part of Blakist occupation of the Marik Commonwealth and to support Pro-Blake government. The unit conducted cadre and defense missions during its time there.[2]

The 20th Division was stationed on Campbelton on the 27th of February 3076 when the world was raided by a rogue force who targetted the 20th Division forces. The raiders were reported to have their origins in ComStar, and used tactical nuclear weapons as a part of their assault; as a result, more than two million inhabitants of Campbelton were killed from the blast and subsequent fallout when three major population centres around which the 20th had layered defenses were attacked,[3][4] and the 20th Division was wiped out.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 20th Division




  • Unknown



Game Rules[edit]

When using special rules, the unit gains a positive initiative when its allied units average as veteran. The Enlightened Ministry does not gain any bonus when fielded alone.[6]


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