212th Jaguar Reserve (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

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212th Jaguar Reserve Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Nickname Unknown
Parent Formation Unknown
Formed Unknown


The 212th Jaguar Reserve Cluster was a second line Cluster of Clan Smoke Jaguar.


The Cluster found its postings as a garrison unit frustrating and often actively sought out bandit cells to raid and destroy. The competition to conduct these raids was high and the bidding fierce, which led to the Cluster holding the highest number of Trials of Grievance in the Smoke Jaguar garrisons.[1]

In 3050 the Reserve Cluster formed part of the garrison of Londerholm. In June of that year the Ice Hellions attacked outposts held by both the Jaguars and Clan Coyote. The Commanding officer of the Coyotes offered to pool resources with the Smoke Jaguars to teach the Hellions a lesson; Star Colonel Chase Corbett agreed. Both Clans counter-attacked and the Hellions were forced to pull back. The 212th Reserve Cluster pursued one Hellion unit towards the ruins of Vostock, the city the Jaguars had razed during the revolt in 2912. The Hellion Seventh Attack Cluster and 150th Hellion Lancers took up defensive positions in the ruins. The memory of the revolt was still painful to the Smoke Jaguar warriors and they approached the ruins with caution bordering on superstition. They were joined by the Coyote's Sixty-seventh Assault Cluster that engaged immediately. As the battle began, it started raining, and as the rain increased so did the Ice Hellion casualties. A few Hellion warriors managed to slip away including Khan Stephen Tyler and his saKhan but the day was lost.[2]

The Ice Hellions did manage to hold on to some of their newly won possessions on Londerholm, but two weeks after the battle a bandit raid targeted one of the enclaves killing Khan Tyler and maiming SaKhan Danielle Lienet. Some speculated the Smoke Jaguars had leaked the intelligence to the bandits as a form of revenge, but no evidence existed to prove this.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 212th Jaguar Reserve Cluster
Star Colonel Chase Corbett Operation REVIVAL[3]


The warriors of the Cluster do not engage in Zellbrigen and prefer the use of ballistic weaponry.[1]

Composition History[edit]

The Cluster was rated regular and had both BattleMech and Aerospace Fighter assets.[2]


If forced to use Zellbrigen the warriors will do so but receive a -2 Initiative penalty.[1]

The warriors receive a -1 to hit modifier when using non-missile ballistic weapons.[1]


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