21st Phalanx (Rasalhague Dominion)

Crest of the Rasalhague Dominion
Twenty-first Phalanx Cluster
Affiliation Rasalhague Dominion
Clan Ghost Bear (previous)
Parent Command Kappa Galaxy


The Twenty-first Phalanx was a part of Sigma Galaxy and was stationed on the world of Last Frontier in 3061.[1]

First Draconis Combine/Ghost Bear War[edit]

Despite being a second-line Galaxy, elements of Sigma Galaxy took an active part in the First Draconis Combine / Ghost Bear War,[2] which began in 3062 with a suicidal attack by three regiments of the Alshain Avengers against Alshain.[3] Late in the War the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery launched an attack on Last Frontier, a daring deep strike that mauled the Twelfth Provisional Garrison Cluster and Twelfth Phalanx, both of whom were stationed on the planet at the time.[2]

The Jihad[edit]

Morale within Sigma Galaxy plummeted during the Jihad, as the Seventh Bear Regulars were reassigned to Omicron Galaxy to join the campaign against the Word of Blake but the remainder of the Galaxy - including the Twenty-first - were consigned to garrison duty within the Ghost Bear Dominion. The drop in morale quickly changed once the Second Freemen and 1st Kavalleri regiments[4] - both former Free Rasalhague Republic regiments - rebelled in October 3076 against the Trials of Position mandated by the Ghost Bears after the incorporation of the Free Rasalhague Republic into the Ghost Bear Dominion.[5][6] Sigma Galaxy were positioned to contain the rogue units, working alongside Tau Galaxy[7] until Rasalhague Galaxy could return to Dominion space to lead efforts to put down the mutiny without creating a public relations catastrophe.[4]

The Dark Age[edit]

The Dominion Council decided to disband a number of second-line Galaxies after the Jihad to assist in rebuilding various elements of their touman. Sigma Galaxy was one of the Galaxies chosen to be disbanded, with three complete Clusters[8] - the Sixth Bear Regulars, Tenth Phalanx and Twelfth Provisional Garrison Cluster - transferring into Theta Galaxy.[9]

The Twenty-first was the odd Cluster out; rather than being transferred into Theta Galaxy, the Twenty-first Phalanx was transferred into Kappa Galaxy.[10] Kappa Galaxy had been left short on numbers after a sizeable minority of the Galaxy chose to defect to the newly-formed Republic of the Sphere; the Dominion Council redeployed Kappa to the Periphery border and added several Clusters from other Galaxies to Kappa to help it rebuild. Kappa also gained the Fifty-fifth Provisional Garrison Cluster[11] from Omicron Galaxy,[12] which then had the surviving elements of the Thirteenth Phalanx[11] - a Pi Galaxy Cluster[12] - merged into it. The combination of the Twelfth Phalanx moving into Kappa and the influx of warriors from the Thirteenth had added a strong combined-arms element.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 21st Phalanx Cluster (Ghost Bear Dominion)
Star Colonel Laurel 3061 - 3067[13][14]
Star Colonel Tyrique 3085[10]



Composition History[edit]


Twenty-first Phalanx Cluster (Veteran/Reliable)[13]


Twenty-first Phalanx (Veteran/Reliable)[14]

- At this point in time the Twenty-first were stationed on Utrecht and were at full strength. Seventy percent of the Cluster were equipped with Clan technology, while the remainder were using Star League-era equipment. A third of the Cluster were equipped with OmniMechs or equivalent technology.[14]


Twenty-first Phalanx (Veteran/Reliable)[12]

- At this point in time the Twenty-first were stationed on Thessalonika and were at eighty-five percent of full strength, with a quarter of the Cluster fielding OmniMechs or equivalent technology.[12]


Twenty-first Phalanx (Veteran/Reliable)[10]

- At this point in time the Twenty-first were stationed on Last Frontier and were at seventye percent of full strength, with a fifth of the Cluster fielding OmniMechs or equivalent technology.[10]


Game Rules[edit]


  • In common with every other unit in the Clan Ghost Bear touman at this point in time, units from the Twenty-first receive a +1 modifier to any dice roll on Random Weight-Class tables to determine Star or Binary/Trinary type.[15]
  • If a force from the Twenty-first includes both conventional vehicles and 'Mechs that force receives a +1 Bonus to Initiative rolls.[16]


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