225th Jaguar Battle (Clan Smoke Jaguar)

CSJ Beta Galaxy Insignia
Two Hundred and twenty-fifth Jaguar Battle Cluster
Disbanded Yes
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Parent Command Beta Galaxy


The Two Hundred and Twenty-fifth Jaguar Battle Cluster was a front line combat unit of Clan Smoke Jaguar.


Operation Revival[edit]

The 225th Battle bid for and fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave One[edit]

The 225th Jaguar Battle performed a combat drop on Virentofta in April 3050 straight onto the two 'Mech companies and the infantry battalion of the Seventh Hell's Brigade mercenaries as they attempted to flee the planet from Port Shanty. The battle lasted several hours spilling in to the fields surrounding the spaceport. Two points of Elementals seized the mercenary DropShips and the Brigade was wiped out trying to recapture them.[1]

Wave Two[edit]

In May 3050 Supernova Battle attacked Sawyer. Defending the Posit Woods to the east of the capital city the Dark Horns Mercenary Company were quickly engaged by Alpha Nova of Supernova Battle on the first day of fighting. The Elementals finally flushed the mercenaries out on the second day and the OmniMechs made short work of them.[1]

Wave Four[edit]

Galaxy Commander Dietr Osis led the 225th Battle into a trap in the swamps of Wolcott in October 3050 where the First and Second Genyosha Regiments were waiting. The elite Genyosha's identity had been concealed in the initial batchall. Falsified documents claimed that they were green troops of the "Yuutsu". The Combine commander Hohiro Kurita stated to Osis that if the Clan could beat his unit then Wolcott would be theirs, but if he was to win then Osis was to hand over four OmniMechs, twenty-four Elemental battle suits and a promise to never again attack the planet. Initially unwilling Osis was eventually shamed into agreeing.

The 225th Battle Cluster landed on the ground of the Hohiro's choosing, dark foggy swamps. Here over several hours hit and run strikes by fast hover units attacked the flanks and forced the Cluster into tight bunches. These knots of warriors then came under long range fire from the Genyosha Regiments slowly whittled away the Clan troops until Osis surrendered in Swamp Valley[2] [3]

Wave Five[edit]

During The Battle of Luthien in January 3052, the 225th Battle Cluster made a night attack against the largest ore mine on Luthien in the Nijunen Desert. Defending this mine was the 143rd Luthien Defense Regiment, who fought the Jaguars to a stand still but were eventually forced to retreat. [4]


The Cluster is not named in any Tukayyid fighting reports. It is possible they were destroyed on Luthien or Tukayyid, or disbanded any time post-Luthien. What is certain is they do not warrant a mention in any updated listings on Beta Galaxy units post 3052, and they do not appear in the Smoke Jaguar unit summary circa 3057.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 225th Jaguar Battle

Other Officers[edit]



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  • There is no mention of the 225th after the middle of the Fifth Wave of Operation Revival, so it is possible the unit either rotated back to the Clan homeworlds, or more likely, was disbanded after taking heavy casualties on Luthien [8] with its former warriors assigned to other commands.


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