227th David Hunters

227th David Hunters
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command


It is not known which had been the operations from the 227th David Hunters prior to the Jihad.

Renegade AFFS forces from the Draconis March - the Second Robinson Rangers and the Sakhara Academy Training Battalion[1] with mercenary support from Gannon's Cannons[2], Beowulf Rangers, Donnel's Commandos, Piotrs Privateers and 227th David Hunters[3] launched an attack on Benjamin during the first week of December 3068. Rather than simply striking at the planet and leaving, the rogue units remained in place; the initial assault decimated the defending Sixth Ghost, and reports indicated that Ninyu Kerai, Chief of the Combine's ISF, had also been claimed as a victim during the attack. The DCMS deployed additional troops to Benjamin during the first week of February 3069 when the Second Benjamin Regulars and the Fifteenth Benjamin Regulars[3] were sent home with the intention to drive out the rogue Draconis March units, but beginning on the 14th of February the Word of Blake launched raids intended to disrupt the command structure of the DCMS, attacking both Benjamin and Pesht. A Word attack on the 20th of February shattered both the AFFS and DCMS units on Benjamin, with the Federated Suns units retreating off-world on the 25th; even as they left, Blakist aerospace assets were waiting them in space and Pocket WarShips destroyed some of the retreating AFFS forces, with less than thirty percent being able to escape.[3] The WoB raid ended with the retreat of their forces and the heavily damaged remaining DCMS units in control of the planet.[4][3]

Considering how the attacking forces ended, the unit was either destroyed or totally crippled during this operation.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of 227th David Hunters


No specific tactics are known for this unit.

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