22nd Scorpion Uhlans (Clan Goliath Scorpion)

Clan Goliath Scorpion.jpg
22nd Scorpion Uhlans Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3073)
Nickname Desert Wind
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy
Disbanded 3073 (Destroyed)


The Twenty-second Scorpion Uhlans were stationed on Marshall in 3061.[1] In 3067, the 22nd was stationed on Dagda.[2]

The Wars of Reaving[edit]

Beta Galaxy and the remnant of Gamma Galaxy together with the bulk of the Clan's fleet were ordered to Foster in June 3073, after Gamma had earlier been forced to retreat in the face of stiff resistance from Clan Coyote. Arriving in system they found it empty except for Clan Steel Viper. A Trial of Possession was launched for two of the Viper holdings and the Scorpions granted Safcon. The trials were fought honorably, but the killing of the Viper's commanding officer by an abtakha warrior of the Twenty-second Uhlans sparked all out fighting with no quarter given. The Vipers declared the Scorpion warriors Dezgra and attacked the Uhlans with overwhelming force crushing them completely.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 22nd Scorpion Uhlans
Star Colonel Kelton 3061[4]
Star Colonel Kelton Myers 3067[2]



Composition History[edit]


22nd Scorpion Uhlans (5 Trinaries/Veteran/Fanatical)[4][2]

Game Rules[edit]

The Twenty-second Scorpion Uhlans can use Off-Map Movement. They are also skilled desert fighters; They receive a +1 bonus to Initiative when fighting in badlands terrain. They're also used to Blowing Sand conditions, and reduce their weapons fire penalty by one point.[5]


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