23rd BattleMech Battalion (Lyran Commonwealth)

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23rd BattleMech Battalion
Unit Profile (as of 2468)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation LCAF
Formed 2463

Unit Description[edit]

One of the earliest BattleMech formations created by the Lyran Commonwealth, the Twenty-third BattleMech Battalion was outfitted with the first generation of BattleMechs.


Long March Offensive[edit]

The 23rd BattleMech Battalion was part of the Archon Alistair Steiner's Long March Offensive. Attached to the Draconis Combine Expedition, the unit saw action Nox, Skondia, & Trolloc Prime. Ground forces unprepared deal with giantic BattleMechs, over whelm most of their target worlds, except for one.

The Cassino on Caldrea[edit]

The Steiner forces arrived 2467, where the 23rd and its sister units faced fierced dugin DCMS forces in northern continent. Mountain ranges proved to be full death traps and ambushes that bedevil Lyran forces. Lyran commanders learned where DCMS primary fortification was located. The mountain top structure provided to be resistent from artillery fire.

Lyran Commanders depatched the 23rd take the Cassino. Its Colonel Yoller had her hands full. The unit attempt 4 times, to only be turned back. Yoller's last attempt proved to be most brutal. The Cassino's squat cement construction seem be layed with turreted heavy autocannons. Yoller had dispatched heavy 'Mech company to attempt break through fortification's defensive walls, but failed. However, using heavy 'Mechs company to size up the base's defenses confirmed her feelings. The turrets were unable to fire down mountain pass side of the gate, it was only defended by smooth steel gate.

Waiting with her jump capable light 'Mech company, after Heavy's had press the defenses. At her command, she jumped her light 'Mech company to mountain slope side of the fortress.

However, the jump costed them two 'Mechs, as they lose their footing dumped down mountain side. One 'Mechs exploding and another crippled, the only pilot surviving fall was immediately killed by a sniper after exiting their machine.

Yoller's force made approached steel gate to fortress, when hidden command mines detonated around mountain side. Destroying majority of their forces on the slopes. Yoller herself was shot down by autocannon was hidden in the panel of the gate itself.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 23rd BattleMech Battalion
Colonel Yoller 2463




The unit consisted of primitive technology based heavy, and light jump capable BattleMechs. The battalion was organized with light (all Jump Capable) company, and heavy 'Mech company. Unclear what the 3rd company consisted of.[2]


Due to the age of the writing, exact classes of BattleMechs used during the campaign were not made clear. Also no specification on the what was the parent unit to the 23rd. It unclear if the 23rd Battalion was reconstituted or survived the battle on Caldeon.


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