23rd Strike (Clan Diamond Shark)

Clan Diamond Shark.jpg
Twenty-third Strike Cluster
Nickname Leaping Fox
Affiliation Clan Diamond Shark
Parent Command Sigma Galaxy


In 3061 the Twenty-third Strike Cluster was one of two Clusters from the Clan Diamond Shark touman assigned to defend the Clan Diamond Shark holdings on Lum, operating alongside the Sixty-first Air Assault Cluster.[1] At this point in time the Twenty-third was commanded by Star Colonel Damien, one of the two highest-ranking freeborn warriors in the entire touman, and he was well-known for running his cluster strictly and directly. Trueborn warriors had quickly come to learn to respect Damian's abilities, even if they didn't respect his birth.[2] The Diamond Sharks transferred their holdings on Lum to Clan Jade Falcon as part of an arrangement over the transfer of ownership of the Twycross system, and the Twenty-third was likely redeployed away from Lum around this time,[3] as Sigma Galaxy was withdrawn from its longtime garrison posts in the Homeworlds.[4]

The Twenty-third survived the Jihad and the Wars of Reaving, along with Sigma Galaxy's Moonstone Skate, and had relocated to the Chainelane Isles along with the bulk of Sigma Galaxy.[5] Inner Sphere intelligence agencies lost track of the Twenty-third when contact with the Clan Homeworlds was cut off, and only suspected the survival of the Twenty-third after the Jihad because of communications intercepts.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Twenty-third Strike
Star Colonel Damien 3061[2]
Star Colonel Damien Kalasa 3067[7]
Star Colonel Cerys Oshika 3085]][5]


Like the other Clusters in Sigma Galaxy, prior to the Jihad the Twenty-third recognized zellbrigen, so long as they considered their opponents to be worthy and those opponents offered to match the Twenty-third equally. This was an extension of the honor concept Sigma lived by, whereby they tempered the honor shown to enemies to match the honor being shown to them in exchange. Rather than bidding using abstract concepts around the idea of single combat, the Twenty-third demonstrated respect for an opponents strengths, and were not so foolish as to match BattleMechs against OmniMechs on a one-for-one basis. If fighting outside of zellbrigen, the Twenty-third was content to deploy aerospace fighters against an opponent to soften them up before engaging with 'Mechs and Elementals, viewing this as an extension of the idea of a single combat that occurred in waves. Star Colonel Damian preferred to have the Twenty-third remain on the defensive unless he was able to shift the odds to favor the Twenty-third significantly, and his troops preferred to fight in a style reminiscent of long-range jousting.[2]

Logos and Insignia[edit]

The unit logo of the Twenty-third was a cresting Sea Fox in mid-flight.[2]




Twenty-third Strike CLuster (Veteran/Fanatical)[7]

- At this point in time the Twenty-third was at full strength, fully equipped with Star League-level technology, and was stationed on Delios.[7]


Twenty-third Strike Cluster (Veteran/Fanatical)[5]

- At this point in time the Twenty-third was stationed in the Chainelane Isles alongside the Moonstone Skate and the Fifty-first Strike Cluster, and was operating at three-fifths of full strength. The Twenty-third was equipped entirely with Star League-level technology.[5]



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