24th Division (Word of Blake)

Division 24th (Word of Blake) logo.png
24th Division (IV-iota)
Disbanded 3074
Nickname Heralds of Light
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia



The 24th Division first appeared in the Inner Sphere in October, 3068 in form a swift invasion of the world of Menkar. The Division's surprise invasion hit Menkar's few defenders hard. With the use of weapons of mass-destruction, the planet's leaders quickly surrendered. The 24th remained on the planet for six months, setting up the world's new Menkar Protectorate Militia before departing.

In September of 3070, the unit joined the 17th Division as part of the invasion of Sian. Both units were brutally damaged by Sian resistance and the arrival of Free Capellan forces, forcing a rout. The understrength 24th was utilized as a light raiding force while it recovered. It had recovered by 3074, where it was called up during the second invasion of Sian. The unit joined forces with the 8th Division, and two of Kali Liao's cybernetic-enhanced Warriors Houses for this effort. However, in the midst of the battle, Thuggee Warrior House White Tiger turned on its sister unit the Rakshasa and destroyed them. This turned the tide of the battle for Sian's defenders. The 24th and the Eighth retreated in complete disarray, and they were both were gutted by Capellan forces.[1]


Following the damaging campaign on Sian, the 24th Division was disbanded with the survivors folded into the 3rd Division.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 24th Division
Precentor Marques Hunt 3070[3]


The Unit has mastered utlization Combined-Arms formations in small-scale combat.[4]




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