Screaming Eagles

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Screaming Eagles
Screaming Eagles
Previous Designation(s) 250th BattleMech Division
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command N/A

The Screaming Eagles are a Mercenary Unit noted for an illustrious battle record stretching back to their days as the Star League Defense Force's Regular Army as the Two Hundred-Fiftieth BattleMech Division.


Star League[edit]

The Division (then nicknamed the The Stalingrad Division) was assigned in 2764, as a part of the LVIII Corps, Seventh Army, to District 3 of the Capellan Confederation Military Region.

The unit was part of the force that was deployed to the Periphery in 2765, to participate in the offensive to put down second Periphery rebellion. The 250th fought in the Periphery campaign successfully and joined General Kerensky in his campaign to liberation of the Terran Hegemony.

Unlike many of its fellow Seventh Army units, the Division survived the Star League Civil War. However, the unit's loyalties to Kerensky fractured when he called for the SLDF to take part in Operation Exodus. Only parts of the Division would travel with Kerensky on his Exodus in 2784.[1]

The 555th Honor Guard Brigade and 556th Honor Guard Brigade would remain in the Inner Sphere and entered the service of Federated Suns as the mercenary unit, the Screaming Eagles.[2] A battalion of the 250th also joined the AFFS directly, joining with battalions recruited from the 199th Dragoon Regiment and 396th Dragoon Regiment to form the Third Ceti Hussars.[3]

Early Succession Wars[edit]

The Screaming Eagles did not fare well during the First Succession War and had been reduced to only two Regiments by the end of the Second Succession War.[4]

Second Succession War[edit]

Having been stationed on the Federated Suns border with the Outworlds Alliance, the Thirty-ninth Avalon Hussars were in the process of being relocated to the Capellan March in preparation for Operation DAO when the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces launched Operation CELT, another attempt to capture Chesterton. The Thirty-ninth were re-tasked, joining the Bald Eagles regiment of the Screaming Eagles in the relief of besieged Fourth Syrtis Fusiliers on Demeter. The arrival of the Thirty-ninth and the Bald Eagles in the Demeter system on the 30th of June 2828 and the news of the death of Chancellor Ilsa Liao on Orbisonia convinced the senior CCAF officer, Colonel Jiang Bao, to withdraw his forces. Having inflicted heavy damage on the Fusiliers, the Twenty-fifth Sian Dragoons and First Redfield Regulars withdrew, and First Prince Paul Davion would subsequently award Colonel Damien Hasek, the Commanding Officer of the Fusiliers, the dukedom of New Syrtis for his actions in defense of Demeter.[5]

The Fourth Succession War[edit]

While still in service of House Davion, the unit participated in First Prince Hanse Davion's Operation Rat. The unit was garrisoned on Skepptana prior to beginning of the war.[6]


House Davion contracted the Eagles for use both regiments to the House Liao world of Pleione in mid 3028 as part of their first action in the Fourth Succession War.

The Third Battalion of McCrimmon's Light Cavalry was assigned to defend the planet. Initially, the Eagles' AeroSpace Fighter coverage caught the Light Cavalry in the open and decimated them. However, the Light Cavalry survivors fell back to an ancient mountain top SLDF fortress called Thunder Rock. The Fortress had been converted into a supply depot and headquarters. This allowed for the Light Cavalry's survivors to endure a three week siege to the frustration of the Eagles' Top Commander, Walther Hokala. It was not until the Eagle's managed move one of its smaller units to mountaintop which worked its way though to the entrance and into the base. The fighting reduced the Third Battalion to a single 'Mech company forcing a surrender. With its defenders gone, Pleione's population was easily subdued by mercenaries.

The Eagles then detached two battalions to garrison the planet and moved on to its next objective: Gan Singh.[7]

Gan Singh[edit]

On Gan Singh, the planet's Militia fought well against the Eagles, but were defeated because of the Eagles' numerical superiority. The Eagles were backed up by the Fourth Garrison Force consisting of six regiments of garrison troops.[8]

New Canton & Disgrace[edit]

During the invasion of New Canton, regiments of the unit were divided to take certain objectives. The world was defended by the 1st Battalion of 4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry and the 3rd Battalion of the Trimaldi's Secutors.

Canton River[edit]

The 1st Screaming Eagles, under command of Colonel Opson Mathis, was tasked with hunting down the 4th Reserve who operated in the jungles of the north continent of New Canton. The 1st Regiment, along with its five supporting Almach Food Soldiers, fruitlessly hunted for Capellan units and their supporting infantry. The 4th Reserves took to conducting guerilla warfare against the Eagles. The Capellans' Attack and Fade tactics enraged the 1st Eagles' commander. The 1st Eagles caught the 4th Reserves at the foot of washed up bridge at Canon River. Cornered and unable to retreat the Capellan 'Mech forces surrendered to the Eagles. However, Colonel Mathis, ignoring the House Davion's rules, had the surrendered MechWarriors welded into their cockpits and pushed into raging river. The 7th Almach Foot Soldiers' commander Colonel Roberta Gathos arrived and discovered what happened. She demanded Mathis surrender, although he refused until the entire 1st Eagle walked to Gathos's side did he finally concede and surrender to her custody. The regiment was then temporarily transferred to Benson Yuli, whom originally to sided with Colonel Gathos.[9][4]

Fight in Blue Dragon Mountains[edit]

The 2nd Screaming Eagles, while under command of Colonel Hokala, moved to take out the Secutors whom had been stationed in mountainous regions of the Southern Continent of New Canton. The 2nd Eagles, backed by the 5th Almach Tank & 18th & 21st Almach Foot Infantry Regiments pursued the Capellan forces into the Blue Dragon Mountains. The Secutors had fought well and inflicted heavy damage as they led the Eagle on a merry chase through the mountains.

The frustrated Colonel Hokala decided to have garrison infantry airlifted ahead of the Secutors' advance into the Blue Mountain Pass. They would act as a holding force while 2nd Eagles came up from the rear and finished the Capellan forces.

As the infantry forces delayed the Secutors' 'Mech forces, 2nd Eagle was attacked by Capellan tank forces. The New Canton Armored Guard conducted a suicidal assault against the Eagles in a bid to delay them. The tank regiment's sacrifice slowed the Eagles for six days which proved enough time to destroy two-thirds of the Davion infantry forces.[10]

Aftermath of the New Canton[edit]

After this action the Eagles were tried and found not guilty of wrong doing, however both actions stained the unit's reputation permanently.[11] This led to the unit's eventual expulsion from Davion service and Mathis was cashiered from service of the Screaming Eagles.[12][4]

War of 3039[edit]

Mis-Jump to Elidere IV[edit]

Still in the service of the now Federated Commonwealth, the unit was contracted to backup 1st Ceti Hussars RCT in the invasion of the Draconis Combine. The units deployed in April of 3039 towards their target world of Elidere IV. During transit the Eagles' main JumpShip plotted an incorrect jump point and sent the bulk of the forces to a secondary rallying point in an uninhabited system. The Ceti Hussars' commander of the mission, Marshal Patrick Meldon, thought the bulk of the mercenaries were either lost or dead. The Eagles finally arrived just as Marshal Meldon's 1st Ceti Hussars finished conquering the planet.[13][4]

Fight to hold Elidere IV[edit]

On 11 July, the 1st Screaming Eagles were assigned to garrison Elidere while Marshal Meldon departed with the 1st Ceti for their invasion of Misery. However, shortly on 26th July, unmarked JumpShips with unmarked military DropShips arrived in system. Reports of Combine forces counter-striking the invasion along the invasion corridor alerted the Eagles' commanding officer, Colonel Hokala. He drafted a number of plans to try and counter a large attacking force. He decided on a plan to fill the battlefield with an extensive smoke screen to allow a demi-battalion's worth of 'Mechs to hit the enemy under cover of the smoke.

On August 5th, the unhurried DropShips landed two BattleMech Regiments. Their 'Mechs, painted only in ghostly white, included some ancient designs last fielded by the Star League centuries ago.

The two forces met on the plains outside of Jasco City where the Eagles attempted to employ the smoke screen. The mysterious force's weaponry outranged their 'Mech weapons. Hokala ordered his LRM launchers to fire and fill the plains with smoke. However, the mysterious Combine 'Mechs, in an unprecedented display of precision, shot down the missiles. This left gaps in the smokescreen of the attacking demi-battalion and they were easily destroyed.

Within a half-hour the Screaming Eagles lost half their numbers. Colonel Hokala signaled the mysterious enemy that he was willing to surrender and withdraw. A Hatamoto-Chi BattleMech lifted its arm to signal a halt to hostilities. They allowed the Eagles to recover only their ejected MechWarriors, and destroyed any vehicle attempting to salvage equipment from the battlefield. Shortly after, the Eagles left the planet to what was later named the 9th and 10th Ghost Regiments.[14][4]


The 2nd Screaming Eagles regiment was assigned to Marshal Patrick Meldon's task force. They jumped off world of Glenmora to Elidere I. From there they jumped to Misery, where they just missed the Ryuken-roku departing the system for another assault. Before the 2nd Eagles' task force could move to take the planet they were told to put their invasion plans on hold. The ships of the task force remained in orbit of Misery for three weeks, until returning to their JumpShips and heading back to Glenmora.[15]

In Service of the Periphery and Chaos March[edit]

By 3053, the unit found itself in service of the Magistracy of Canopus with whom they signed a long-term defense contract. The unit was loaned out to its Trinity Alliance partner, House Liao, who deployed the Eagles to Chaos March to conduct unspecified tasks for the Alliance.

In 3062 while on Epsilon Eridani the 2nd Screaming Eagles were ambushed by Word of Blake's 1st Division. The Blakist attack shattered the regiment and forced them to retreat. They reached the Capellan world of Kaifeng where landing was refused. The 1st Screaming Eagles abandoned its garrison contract to meet with their near-destroyed comrades on Outreach. The Blakists then exposed a secret decade-long deal between the 2nd Eagles and House Davion to spy for them since 3055. The contract with Canopus was subsequently cancelled based on the charge of spying for a foreign power. This forced them to return to the only realm that would accept them, House Davion.[16]

Return to the Federated Suns and on the Periphery Border[edit]

The unit, unable to rebuild itself, consolidated into a reinforced BattleMech Regiment and reinforced combined arms regiment of armored vehicles and infantry. The unit then entered the service of Duke James Sandoval of the Draconis March. The March Lord assigned the unit to garrison the Outworlds Alliance border world of Kilbourne. This prevented the unit's involvement in the FedCom Civil War.


In October 3071, the Eagles received orders from Draconis March Intelligence Command, which ordered the unit to strike the Outworlds Alliance planet of Ramora in pre-emptive attack against Blakist forces. Leaving behind the unit's 4th BattleMech Battalion and the 77th Armor to garrison Kilbourne they attacked.

The units on the strike mission used pirate points to slip by the planet's would-be Blakist defenders. The unit's executive officer, Lt. Colonel Chris Lewis, identified the defenders as Clan Snow Raven. Despite their fast entry, the world's protectors were waiting for them. A trinary from the 6th Raven Battle Cluster and the Outworlds Alliance Borderers moved to engage them in a battle. The Eagles won the day but suffered fifty percent casualties including their lead strategist, Lt. Colonel Lewis.

After salvaging Clan equipment the unit returned to base only to find the rest of the 6th Raven Battle Cluster was striking back at them. The 77th Armor's artillery assets solely held back the angry Clanners and their Alliance airborne allies. Colonel Tam Lafayette's battered command managed to tip the balance of the battle and led to the destruction of the entire Snow Raven Cluster.

Shortly after the battle, Lafayette contacted March's intelligence command to report what happened and discovered that command never ordered them to strike the Alliance at all. A false order from unknown parties possibly caused the Eagles to trigger the border war with the newly-arrived Clan.[17]

The Screaming Eagles had lost many of their BattleMechs, but to compensate for this they increased their conventional forces and began deploying battle armor troops. Even though they still need to rebuild nearly forty percent of their forces in 3079, this regiment is stationed on Kentwood as the cornerstone of the Federated Suns' defense against aggression from the Outworlds Alliance and their Clan Snow Raven partners.[18]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 250th BattleMech Division
Major General Samuel Casteel 2764[19]
Commanding Officers of the Screaming Eagles
Colonel Walther Hokala 3025[20]
Colonel Samuel "Buck" Layette 3059[21]
Colonel Tam Lafayette 3061 - 3071[22][17]



The unit practices the use of Combined Arms to better support their infantry and armor units. The unit employs Arrow IV on their Aerospace fighters to devastate an enemy after the main unit softens them up.[23]

Unit Colors & Insignia[edit]

The unit maintains its original Star League color scheme of Olive Green. The unit insignia is a diving eagle set on a blue and green background.

Dragoon Ratings[edit]


Rated B-


Rated C

Composition History[edit]


250th BattleMech Division


250th BattleMech Division

2786 - 2821[edit]

Bald Eagles (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[24]

Note: At this point in time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Tawas. In 2821 the command was reduced to 29 percent of its strength and was deployed on Tedibyhr. [24]

Golden Eagles (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[24]

Note: At this point in time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Edwards. In 2821 the command was reduced to 38 percent of its strength and was deployed on Tedibyhr. [24]

Storm Eagles (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[24]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Waycross. In 2821 the command was reduced to 33 percent of its strength and was deployed on Robinson. [24]

Night Eagles (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[24]

Note: At this point in time the light-weight unit was stationed on Logandale. In 2821 the command was reduced to 45 percent of its strength and was deployed on Robinson. [24]

Snow Eagles (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[24]

Note: At this point in time the medium-weight unit was stationed on Goderich. In 2821 the command was reduced to 0,34000000000000002 percent of its strength and was deployed on Robinson. [24]


1st Screaming Eagles (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable) [25]

Note: At this point in time the assault-weight unit was stationed on Demeter with an operational readiness of 100 percent. [25]

2nd Screaming Eagles (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [25]

Note: At this point in time the assault-weight unit was stationed on Tedibyhr with an operational readiness of 100 percent. [25]


1st Screaming Eagles (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [25]

Note: At this point in time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Elbar with an operational readiness of 17 percent. [25]

2nd Screaming Eagles (Regiment/Veteran/Fanatical) [25]

Note: At this point in time the assault-weight unit was stationed on Elbar with an operational readiness of 70 percent. [25]


Screaming Eagles (2 regiments)(Regular/Reliable) - AFFS[20]

  • CO: Colonel Walther Hokala [20]
1st Screaming Eagles 
CO: Colonel Opson Mathis[26]
2nd Screaming Eagles 
CO: Colonel Walther Hokala (Regimental Commander)[27]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Skepptana. The Unit additionally consisted of Aerospace Fighters, Armor & Infantry units.[28] :The Eagles have no DropShips of their own, but do own a JumpShip.


Screaming Eagles

  • 1st Screaming Eagles (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[29]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Mararn. [29]
  • 2nd Screaming Eagles (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[29]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Sodertalje. [29]


1st Screaming Eagles (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [30]

  • CO: Colonel Paul Hokola [30]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Mararn. [30]

2nd Screaming Eagles (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [30]

  • CO: Colonel Zarima Warrick [30]
Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Sodertalje. [30]


1st Regiment (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [31]

  • CO: Colonel Paul Hokola [31]

2nd Regiment (Regiment/Regular/Questionable) [31]

  • CO: Colonel Zarfina Warrick [31]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Kaifeng. [31]


Screaming Eagles (Reinforced BattleMech Regiment) - CO: Colonel Tam Lafayette

  • 1st Battalion - CO & Unit XO: Lt. Colonel Chris Lewis
  • 2nd Battalion CO: Major Alexander Cohen
  • 3rd Battalion CO: Major Louis Chasteen
  • 4th Battalion CO: Tu Faes D'Lihar
All battalions mainly employ Medium Class BattleMechs with only a mixed company of Heavy & Assault Mechs. Additionally, each Battalion has extra Battalion Command Lance & regiment's Regimental Command Lance of BattleMechs.
  • 77th Heavy Armor (Reinforced Armor Regiment) - CO: Lt. Colonel Roger Durling
By 3067, the Unit has folded its two parachute trained Infantry battalions into 77th Heavy. Each of the 77th's Battalions have a platoon of Battle Armor assigned to it. Also assign is a company of Mobile Artillery.
  • Support: the unit now owns enough DropShip and JumpShip assets to be able transport the entire mercenary force.[32]


Screaming Eagles (7 BattleMech Lances) - CO: Colonel Tam Lafayette

  • 77th Heavy Armor (2 Combined Arms Battalions)
Unit Mech forces consist of only a company worth of OmniMechs salvaged from battle with the Snow Ravens' 6th Battle Cluster. The 77th Heavy Armor is now reduced two battalions of operational equipment.[33]


Screaming Eagles

Though they were reduced to two thirds of their pre-Jihad strength in BattleMechs, the Screaming Eagles compensated for this by increasing the number of tanks and battle armor infantry units they could put in the field.[18]


Unit Components are only known though the Screaming Eagles' mercenary profiles. Along with 77th Heavy Armor regiment, a 53rd Battalion belonging to the Eagles' 2nd Brigade had survived to brigade was heavily damaged in mid thirty-first century. It is not clear which Brigade the battalion belonged to.[34]

Game Rules[edit]

Field Manual: Mercenaries (Revised)[edit]

Using Force Specific Rules, the Eagles employ the following abilities for scenarios. They receive A Rated Equipment. The unit may employ bombers. If used, these attacking aerospace fighters allow all the Eagles to receive +3 to their initiative for the entire scenario.

If the Aerospace Fighters/bombers are not used in the scenario the Eagles can receive a +1 to their initiative if they are using combined arms formation consisting of more than one type unit. (Tanks, Infantry, etc.) Should the unit be defenders of the scenario they suffer from a -2 initiative.[35]

Mercenaries Supplemental Update[edit]

The unit still uses rules listed from FM: Mercenaries Revised, however their Equipment Rating drops to C.[36]


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