254th Cobra Guards (Clan Cloud Cobra)

Clan Cloud Cobra.jpg
Unit Profile (as of 3061)
Nickname The Ivory Guard
Parent Formation Gamma Galaxy
Formed After 2954


Organized to replace the 243rd Cobra Guards who were transferred to Alpha Galaxy.

The 254th has seen more combat than any other Cluster in Gamma Galaxy. Their commander, Star Colonel Moira Telinov, was a very capable officer who handled the bidding in various Trials better than most officers.[1] During the Hellion's Fury campaign after the Operation REVIVAL Trials, the 254th faced the Ninetieth Striker Irregulars Cluster of Clan Ice Hellion. The two units fought a Trial of Possession on Homer for six month's production of OmniFighters. Though the Ivory Guard fought well for most of the Trial, the loss of a popular Star Captain led to tactical mistakes that cost the Guard the Trial.[2]

They recently won victories against Clan Steel Viper on Homer. [citation needed]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 254th Cobra Grenadiers
Star Colonel Moira Telinov 3049 - 3061[3]







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  • Operational Turning Points: REVIVAL Trials, p. 23
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