256th Independent Aero Wing

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256th Independent Aero Wing
Unit Profile (as of 2764)
Nickname n/a
Parent Formation XXV Corps
Formed unknown

The Two Hundred Fifty-sixth Independent Aero Wing was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.


In 2764, the unit was assigned, as a part of the XXV Corps, Eighth Army, to District 1 of the Free Worlds League Military Region. They were stationed in the Principality of Regulus in 2765, and had spent most of the previous year attached to a flotilla of Seventh Fleet's Seventy-second Recon Squadron as that unit was vulnerable to aerospace fighter attacks after several bandit raids.[1]

It was then transferred to District 3 by 2765, to take part in the Periphery Uprising.[2] The 256th was destroyed during the Hegemony Campaign.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 256th Independent Aero Wing



Composition History[edit]



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