25th Division (Word of Blake)

25th Division (Word of Blake).jpg
25th Division IV-beta)
Formed Late 3060s
Disbanded 3078
Nickname The Nightwatchmen
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia

The Twenty-fifth Division was a "hidden" Word of Blake Militia unit that first appeared during early years of the Jihad.[1]


The unit was noted for its unusual formations, nonstandard color schemes, and its four-year occupation of the Game World and later other parts of Lyran space during the early portion of the Jihad.

Nearly all the Twenty-fifth comes from the Periphery raised from the slums by the intervention of the Order.[1]


Native Circinus Federation citizen Sariana Pryor (born in Andiron[1]) is said to have gone to Circinus to raise her Division from small cadre of people from that sandy world. She then brought them to Terra, where she whipped them into shape. Her Division existence was widely known among Federation's people consisting entirely of native Circinians.[2]

The core personnel that landed on Solaris in 3068 were all veterans of the fighting in the Lothian League and the Marian Hegemony Invasion of Circinus.[1]

Occupation of Solaris VII[edit]

The Twenty-fifth Division made its mysterious appearance in June of 3068, flying nonstandard colors as it assaulted and occupied Solaris VII. This was part of one of the Word of Blake's military operations, coded name Operation SHOWTIME. The Twenty-fifth Division used nonstandard paint schemes and using mix military formations (Stars, Level IIs, and Lances) which left many wondering who they were. The Twenty-fifth arrived with reportedly three regiments worth of troops, which left folks wondering if another Blakist unit was mixed in with them. The confusion in the initial assault, left Solaris City's defenders scattered and the city easier to occupy. Many of the scattered Solaris Stables warriors reorganized to form a Solaran resistance group called the Solaris Home Defense League. Where they waged a guerrilla war against the Twenty-fifth Division's occupation of Solaris. Through attrition of years of fighting wore out the Twenty-fifth. The Division withdrew from the planet in December of 3071.[3]

Recovery & Raids[edit]

The Twenty-fifth Division was not seen in action for a year. Elements of the Division appeared in raids in 3073, striking worlds along the Lyran-Free Worlds League border. Most noted of these strikes were against the worlds of Son Hoa and Madiun.


The Twenty-fifth was one of fourteen separate Militia Divisions to be destroyed on Terra in 3078.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 25th Division
Precentor Sariana Pryor 3068 - 3072[5][1]


The Twenty-fifth Division developed anti-coalition warfare tactics after fighting with mix coalitions on Solaris VII.[6]


  • Unknown


  • Special rules for 25th Division can be found in Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents, p. 141.


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