25th Marik Militia

Twenty-fifth Marik Militia
Formed 2752-2765[1]
Nickname Soldiers of Faith
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Marik Militia



The Twenty-fifth Marik Militia was one of nine regiments of the Marik Militia to be reactivated or reconstituted after the Star League Council repealed the Council Edict of 2650 in 2752.[1]

Anton's Revolt[edit]

The Twenty-fifth did not fight in any major battles in this conflict.[citation needed]

Fourth Succession War[edit]

In October 3028 Wyatt was targeted by the Free Worlds League Military as a part of Operation DAGGER, the offensive planned by Captain-General Janos Marik to seize valuable industrial worlds in the Federation of Skye. Wyatt was a particular target of DAGGER because of the presence of two Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces line regiments, the Eleventh Lyran Guards and Seventeenth Arcturan Guards; while the Twenty-fifth Marik Militia and Fifth Regulan Hussars jumped into the Wyatt system intent on destroying both regiments, other FWLM regiments were capturing the Milton and Phecda systems in an effort to isolate the Lyran forces.[2]

Unfortunately for the two League regiments, the two Lyran regiments had been forewarned of the attack. The Hussars arrived at a pirate point allowing them to make an immediate drop on the surface of the planet, while the Militia appeared at the zenith jump point - only to find the Eleventh Lyran Guards waiting at the jump point, with the 'Mechs embarked on transports and aerospace fighters patrolling. Before the Militia could launch fighters the Eleventh's aerospace fighters began strafing attacks, with pairs of Chippewas and Lucifers each launching a single attack before withdrawing. The cumulative damage destroyed two Unions and a Leopard; worse still for the Militia, one of the DropShips was transporting a battalion command staff, and when it was destroyed, not only were those staff killed, but the DropShip then exploded, damaging a number of neighboring DropShips as they separated from their Invader-class JumpShip. With the Militia forces frantically trying to form up, the Eleventh retrieved its fighters and jumped out to the Alchiba system, while the Arcturan Guards jumped for Cor Caroli.[2] Although the plan to destroy the two Lyran regiments was unsuccessful, the League did capture Wyatt.[3] The losses sustained by the Twenty-fifth Marik Militia were rumored to be the result of information leaked to the Lyran Commonwealth by the Fifth, but no evidence to support this theory was ever found.[4] The information actually came from a mole in the League intelligence service.[5]

Andurien Secession[edit]

The Twenty-fifth took extreme losses in the Cursa campaign. The regiment's surviving company was then withdrawn from the theater and stationed on Oriente, where it spent the remainder of the war guarding supply convoys.[5]

Operation Guerrero[edit]

Operation Bulldog[edit]

The Twenty-fifth did not participate in either Operation Bird Dog or Bulldog, nor was it part of Task Force Serpent.[citation needed]


Prior to the Jihad the Twenty-fifth Marik Militia suffered through a series of internal disputes that affected its performance. Inspectors assigned to investigate the unit discovered that this was due to the trouble the unit faced during the Andurien Secession.[6]

During the Jihad the Twenty-fifth was present for the dissolution of the Free Worlds League. After the nation dispersed, the 25th joined the Marik Commonwealth. They formed part of the Commonwealth's response to the Regulan Hussars presence on Vosloorus. After several months of low-intensity conflict, the Twenty-fifth rotated out to Marik, where they remained in 3079.[7]

The unit turned to their own individual faiths for an explanation of the period between 3079 and 3085. These beliefs led to an expanded presence of religious jewelry, iconography, and sayings appearing on both soldiers' uniforms and their equipment. In 3085 the Unfinished Book movement was introduced to the Twenty-Fifth. It has received the same acceptance of other religions in the unit.[8]

Dark Age[edit]

The Twenty-fifth Marik Militia landed on Wallis in 3130. There they fought the 21st Regulan Hussars, and faced the Neanderthal-AG variant for the first time.[9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 25th Marik Militia
Colonel Azi Ochambo 3025[10]
Colonel Anita Webel 3050 - 3085[11][12][5][13][14]



The unit is skilled in defensive operations, in wide range terrain.[5]

Composition History[edit]


Twenty-fifth Militia (Regiment/Green/Reliable)[16]

- At this point in time the Twenty-fifth was stationed on Megrez.[1]


Twenty-fifth Militia (Regiment/Green/Reliable)[17]

- At this point in time the Twenty-fifth was a medium-weight regiment operating at full strength and was stationed on Megrez.[17]


Twenty-fifth Marik Militia (Regiment/Green/Reliable)[17]

- At this point in time the Twenty-fifth was a medium-weight regiment operating at just under half-strength, and was stationed on Megrez.[17]


Twenty-fifth Marik Militia (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [18]

Note: At this point in time the heavy-weight unit was stationed on Megrez with an operational readiness of 98 percent. [18]


25th Marik Militia (Regiment/Regular/Reliable) [18]

Note: At this point in time the assault-weight unit was stationed on Megrez with an operational readiness of 42 percent. [18]


Twenty-fifth Marik Militia (Green/Reliable)[10]

  • CO: Colonel Azi Ochambo


25th Marik Militia(Regiment\Green\Reliable)[19]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Dieudonne. [19]


Twenty-fifth Marik Militia (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[20]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Wing. [20]


Twenty-fifth Marik Militia (Regiment/Green/Reliable) [11]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Dieudonne. [11]


Twenty-fifth Marik Militia (Regiment/Green/Reliable)[12]

  • CO: Colonel Anita Webel


Twenty-fifth Marik Militia (1 Regiment/Green/Reliable)[5][13]

Twenty-fifth Militia Aerospace (1 Wing/Regular/Reliable)[5][13]

Ninth Stewart Light Armor (1 Regiment/Green/Reliable)[5][13]

  • Armor Commander: Force Commander Lee Fisher

Twenty-eighth Stewart Regulars (1 Regiment/Green/Reliable)[5][13]

  • Troop Commander: Lieutenant-Colonel Ellen Moorhouse

- The composition is unchanged in 3067 from the previous report. Commanding officers of each unit remain were they were. [13]


The Jihad and fall of the Free Worlds League saw the Twenty-fifth lose approximately twenty percent of its forces.[7]


Twenty-fifth Marik Militia (Green/Reliable)[14]

  • CO: Colonel Anita Webel

Twenty-fifth Marik Aerospace (Wing/Green/Questionable)[14]

Ninth Stewart Light Armor (Green/Reliable)[14]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Ellen Knepp

Twenty-eighth Stewart Regulars (Green/Questionable)[14]

  • CO: Lieutenant Colonel Oliver Davison


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