265th Mechanized Infantry Division

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265th Mechanized Infantry Division
Unit Profile (as of 2766)
Nickname Pride of Pittsburgh
Parent Formation XLVIII Corps
Formed unknown
Disbanded 2766


The 265th Mechanized Infantry Division or the Pride of Pittsburgh was a part of the Star League Defense Force Regular Army.[1]


The Division was created on the planet Belluevue and named after the continent of Pittsburgh located there.[2]

The 265th formed a part of XLVIII Corps, Seventeenth Army, and in 2764 was stationed on an undisclosed world within the Magistracy of Canopus area of the Periphery Military Region.[1]

The 265th took heavy losses during the Periphery Uprising and by 2766 the Pride of Pittsburgh had been disbanded as a division. A single Regiment of the division went on to join the Periphery rebels and were destroyed in combat in 2767.[1][3]

The Capellan Confederation Armed Forces recruited approximately a regiment's-worth of personnel from the remains of the 265th in 2775, and in 2784 the CCAF used those personnel as the base for forming two new regiments, the Sixth and Seventh St. Ives Lancers.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 265th Mechanized Infantry Division


The Mechanized Infantry Divisions of the Star League were used offensively to exploit gaps in the enemy front created by the BattleMech Divisions. They also bore the brunt of defensive actions.

Composition History[edit]

The Division comprised two Brigades of Mechanized Infantry and a single BattleMech Brigade. Also attached was a Ground Aero Wing.[5]


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