26th Robinson Chevaliers

Robinson Chevaliers
Twenty-sixth Robinson Chevaliers
Unit Profile (as of 2821)
Parent Formation Robinson Chevaliers
Formed 2755-2765
Disbanded First Succession War[1]


The Twenty-sixth Robinson Chevaliers was one of the regiments within the Robinson Chevaliers brigade of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns and was one of eight regiments of Robinson Chevaliers created between 2755 and 2765 as the AFFS underwent a massive expansion[2] following the repeal in 2752 of the Star League Council Edict of 2650.[3]

The Robinson Chevaliers brigade was founded in 2540 from the remains of an earlier brigade, the Vale Rangers. Named the Robinson Chevaliers from a quote from First Prince Alexander Davion after the battle on Robinson that saw the death of Prince Nikolai Rostov of the Terran March Principality of the Federated Suns, each regiment of the Chevaliers had traditionally adopted the name of a chivalric order from the pre-industrial history of Terra, passing the name and colors of any regiment unfortunate enough to be destroyed on to a new regiment.[4] However, despite the Twenty-sixth and her seven new sister regiments being formed over a ten-year period, by 2765 it still wasn't certain if the eight new regiments would embrace the same traditions as their older siblings.[2]

The Twenty-sixth was one of the fifteen regiments of Robinson Chevaliers to be destroyed during the First Succession War.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 26th Robinson Chevaliers



Composition History[edit]


Twenty-sixth Robinson Chevaliers (Regiment/Green/Reliable)[5]

- The Twenty-sixth were stationed on Cussar at this point in time.[5] The Twenty-sixth was an extremely heavy regiment; in common with the Twenty-fifth, Twenty-seventh and Twenty-eighth Robinson Chevaliers the Twenty-sixth consisted of two battalions of assault 'Mechs and one battalion of light-to-medium 'Mechs.[2]


Twenty-sixth Robinson Chevaliers (Regiment/Green/Reliable)[1]

- At this point in time the Twenty-sixth was an assault-weight unit operating at full regimental strength, and was based on Cussar.[1] The unit was destroyed during the war. [1]


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