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  • The Federated Suns recaptures Redfield.
  • An unnannounced training exercise by the Fourth Regulan Hussars on Cameron leads to a skirmish with the SLDF 210th Jump Infantry Division.
  • The 345th Dragoon Regiment crushed a "suspected bandit enclave" in a system not far from the Apollo system.
  • The 298th Battle Regiment skirmished with an unknown force on an unnamed Periphery world.


  • Richard Cameron comes of age, and becomes First Lord of the Star League.
  • Executive Order 156 is passed, and repealed after the Hose Lords declared it illegal.
  • Duchess Elsa Cameron-Jones founds the Fourth Regulan Hussars.
  • A bomb detonates in a senior staff meeting of the 166th Mechanized Infantry Division on Aucara.
  • The 7th Royal Infantry Division stops an assassination attempt against Grand Duke Allison on Oriente.



  • Kallon Weapons Industries stops production of the Hornet BattleMech.
  • Overlord-class DropShip introduced to the Inner Sphere.
  • The Stingray Aerospace Fighter is introduced.