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  • March: Paul Davion launches counterattack at Kentares IV and of the Draconis March.
  • Combine forces destroy the Tamar Tigers on Benjamin.
  • The 1st Kearny Highlanders successfully stop raids on Lincoln from Draconis Combine forces.


  • May 5th: The Pentagon riots devolve into Civil War.
  • September: Second Exodus gathering begins.
  • A ComStar expedition visits Inglesmond before removing the system from maps.



  • The Condor-class DropShip is introduced.
  • Mao-Heng Charioteer patrol car production ends by order of Chancellor Barbara Liao.
  • Centurion BattleMech production initialized.
  • The CP-10-Q variant of the Cyclops BattleMech is introduced.
  • Lyran Commonwealth begins researching the Binary Laser Cannon
  • Pentagon Powers in Pentagon Cluster refit their Brunel Dump Truck into ad hoc combat vehicles.