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  • Capellan Confederation's 1st and 2nd Ariana Fusiliers, Vincent's Commandos and 5th Capellan Chargers launch top secret attempt to regain the world for House Liao.
  • Warned by an MIIO mole in the Maskirovka, the defending 3rd and 5th Crucis Lancers and Belinda's Irregulars ambush and inflict massive losses on the Capellan invasion force.
  • Of the four CCAF regiments that take part, less than two battalions' worth of troops survive to withdraw, the 5th Capellan Chargers destroyed entirely.


  • The Lyran Commonwealth's Estates General disbands.
  • Jerome Blake authorizes ROM to strike first to prevent Maskirovka assassination of administrator of the Bryant HPG.
    • Jerome Blake leaks word of this event to Great House leaders as a warning, Chancellor Ilsa Liao orders halt in Maskirovka operations against ComStar.
  • Cabol Hirsch becomes first formal Solaris Champion.
  • LCAF High Command disbands The Stealths, reassigning its elite troops to pass on their skills at Lyran military academies.