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  • Herakleion is placed under full quarantine and reportedly written off as a dead world following an extremely virulent plague deployed as a bioweapon.
  • Clan Star Adder's Alpha Galaxy enters service.



  • Free Worlds Defense Industries introduces the Riever heavy Aerospace Fighter.
  • Production of the Seeker-class DropShip begins.
  • The AWS-8T Awesome BattleMech variant was introduced.
  • General Motors begin production of the downgraded KGC-0000 version of the King Crab.
  • Production of the Talon BattleMech ceases after a nuclear strike against its last factory.
  • Material shortages force Diplan 'Mechyards to halt production of the Jenner.
  • Bowing to heavy corporate pressure, Maltex Corporation finally corrects serious design flaws in the Assassin's SRM rack reloading mechanism.