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  • Capellan Justine's Grenadiers successfully repulse Marik Militia raid against Kwamashu.
  • Wynn's Roost, capital of the Traders Domain province of the Outworlds Alliance, is raided by forces from Ammon, another Outworlds Alliance world.


  • Early 2820: First batch of 100 Clan artificially gestated children implanted in Iron Wombs.
  • September: Surviving forty children from the first batch of "Tank-Borne" emerge from Iron Wombs.
  • Primus Conrad Toyama visits Succession State leaders to explain ComStar's new religious direction and the need to raise HPG transmission rates.
  • Peace talks between Lyran Commonwealth and Free Worlds League held on Bella I.
  • Starving population of Chertan depose the planet's noble ruler.