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  • January 22nd: Clan Wolf's Loremaster reports Clan Wolverine population and equipment discrepancies after the Trial of Annihilation.
  • Lyran Estates General rescinds Reclamation Act of 2823, ComStar's Tharkad Interdiction is lifted.
  • December: Combine's Chain Gang Regiments are dispatched to strike Lyran Commonwealth and Federated Suns.
  • ComStar removes Lone Star from maps amidst terminal environmental collapse.
  • Clan Burrock calls for the Annihilation of Clan Blood Spirit, but the motion is refused.



  • Clan Jade Falcon introduces the ER Medium Laser.
  • Clan Snow Raven begins producing Clan Wolverine's Pulverizer Battlemech.
  • Clan Sea Fox begins producing its first BattleMech, the Fox Medium Mech.