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  • Clan Jade Falcon conducts Trial of Possession for Clan Cloud Cobra world of Zana and lose to the Cobras.
  • Clan Ice Hellion recovers a Wolverine cache. This triggers a three-way feud between the Hellions, Fire Mandrills, and Goliath Scorpions.


  • December 12th: Yoguchi Kurita assassinated by Snow Fire.
  • Clan Cloud Cobra Khan Homer Telinov is killed in Battle with Jade Falcons on Zara. The Clan renames Zara to Homer in honor of their fallen Khan.



  • Clan Ghost Bear introduce the A-Pod.
  • Clan Hell's Horses introduce the Thunder Stallion 'Mech.
  • The TBT-5J variant of the Trebuchet BattleMech is introduced.