28th Cruiser (Clan Diamond Shark)

Clan Diamond Shark.jpg
Twenty-eighth Cruiser Cluster
Nickname Sturm Wache
Affiliation Clan Diamond Shark
Parent Command Gamma Galaxy


The Jihad[edit]

As a part of Gamma Galaxy the Twenty-eighth Cruiser Cluster was on Twycross when Blakist sympathizers launched the Bloody Tricentennial attacks that struck across the Inner Sphere. On Twycross, the Trellshire Heavy Industries plant was destroyed in a nuclear explosion intended to both destroy the factory and the garrisoning Clan Diamond Shark forces from Gamma Galaxy who had been lured to the plant by a series of earlier explosions.[1]

While the other elements of Gamma Galaxy that survived the Jihad redeployed to Itabaiana, the Twenty-eighth remained in the Twycross system, stationed aboard the Carrack-class transport Devourer, which had been left crippled in the Twycross system by an accident.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 28th Cruiser
Star Colonel Isaak Schtern 3061[2]
Star Colonel Stanislaus Clarke 3085[3]


Each component of the cluster has their task. The fast 'Mechs, with a ground speed of at least 90 kph, are used as storm troops. Because the elementals use head-hunter tactics with devastating effect. At least the fighter provide air cover and ground support when needed to their comrades.[2]





Twenty-eighth Cruiser Cluster (Veteran/Fanatical)[3]

  • CO: Star Colonel Stanislaus Clarke[3]
- At this point in time the Twenty-eighth was stationed on Itabaiana and was operating at ninety percent of full strength. Almost ninety percent of the Cluster was equipped with Omni-technology.[3]



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