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  • ComStar Civil War
    • January: Primus of ComStar Andrea Marteen is killed in a hoverlimo accident.
    • Precentor Caph Dwight Kurstin survives and becomes new the Primus despite rumors of complicity in Marteen's death.
    • Seeking to clear his name, Primus Kurstin orders ROM to investigate the incident, but the results are inconclusive and only fan rumors.
    • In face of increasingly unstable and paranoid Primus, Precentor Procyon Gregori Hartford calls a secret meeting of the First Circuit in the ruins of the Court of the Star League which agrees to leave Terra.
    • April 30th: An enraged Kurstin sends the so-called "Witch-Hunt" transmission ordering "rogue" Precentors be deposed, but the First Circuit intercepts the message, placing Kurstin and Terra under Interdiction in May.
    • Kurstin orders mass purge of ComStar and organizes Operation WINGED CRUSADER, outfitting mercenaries with stockpiled SLDF equipment for planned assault on HPG stations of the First Circuit.
  • Beta Regulus Tragedy
    • 12 October: Rogue planetoid Grande Diablo impacts on most populated continent of the Lyran Commonwealth world of Beta Regulus II
    • 14 October: Beta Regulus II rendered uninhabitable, the LCAF only succeeding in evacuating two million of the planet's total population of six million.