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  • Siege of Fletcher
    • Lockhardt's Ironsides gain reputation as good fighters for their actions during the siege.
    • Newly rebuilt St. Cyr's Grenadiers suffers heavy losses at the hand of House Davion forces.
    • Kingston's Legionnaires face the 42nd Avalon Hussars during the siege, the Liao unit suffering losses of over 60% before reinforcements can extract them.
  • Raid of Genoa.
    • Trimaldi's Secutors fight their first battle against 42nd forces, but only manage inflict damage to 42nd's recon forces before pulling back.
  • Margurite Klaus and the Teutnoic Plague launch an offensive on Vannes in an attempt to win control of the Vannes Pirate Kingdom during the Twenty-first Vannes Civil War.




  • The Clans introduce the Carrack-class Military Transporter.