29th Marik Militia

Marik Militia.jpg
29th Marik Militia
Disbanded 2803 (Destroyed)
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Marik Militia


The Twenty-ninth Marik Militia was raised after 2765.[1] They were stationed on Tylarzka in 2786.[2]

The 26th Lyran Guards assaulted Tylarzka in 2798 forcing the Twenty-ninth to retreat off planet.[3]

In 2803 the Twenty-ninth Marik Militia was holding Malazan along with the 5th Bolan Defenders when it was attacked by the Ninth and 18th Lyran Regulars. Both defending Marik regiments were destroyed in the fighting that saw significant use of weapons of mass destruction.[4] A few survivors managed to escape to Acrux.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 29th Marik Militia



Composition History[edit]


Twenty-ninth Marik Militia - Green/Reliable [2]

  • Regiment, at 100% full strength with an average 'Mech weight of light. The unit was destroyed during the war. [2]



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