2nd Andurien Rangers

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Second Andurien Rangers
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Nickname The Monkeys[1]
Parent Formation Andurien Rangers
Formed Jihad Era

Unit Description[edit]

The Second Andurien Rangers is a Military BattleMech formation that was formed from the Fifth Free Worlds Legionnaires during the Jihad.[2]


Shortly after the Second Andurien Rangers were formed they served as the cadre unit for several other Andurien commands. They also raided Furud, where they returned Naomi Centrella-Liao to the Capellan Confederation. Their actions helped insure peace along the Andurien/Confederation border. 3079 found the Second Rangers split into two battalion sized formations, one garrisoning Shiro III and the other Conquista.[2]

Despite serving the Duchy of Andurien faithfully for more than a decade, the Andurien press expressed concerns that the Colonel may inadvertently leak defense secrets to the Duchy of Oriente after its merger with the Duchy of Orloff. The troops of the Second Rangers vocally defended their commander, to the point of threatening to resign en masse if the Colonel was replaced. The ADF command structure is working on a solution, but things remain tense in 3085.[1]

In 3085 both battalions had come back together and were garrisoning Lurgatan.[3]

By 3145 the Second Rangers were known to have performed better than any other Andurien Ranger unit, both offensively and on the defense. They were so highly skilled that they acted as a bodyguard unit for Duke Humphreys and performed honor guard duties for visiting dignitaries from the Magistracy of Canopus and the Capellan Confederation.[4] These duties made them part of the Andurien garrison force.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Andurien Rangers
Colonel Salvatore "Misha" Orloff 3085[3]
Colonel Darron O'Donnel 3145[5]


The Second Andurien Rangers use many of the same tactics they used from their time as the Fifth Free Worlds Legionnaires.

Composition History[edit]


Second Andurien Rangers

-The Second Andurien Rangers were only five percent below their nominal strength of two battalions.[2]


Second Andurien Rangers (2 Battalions/Regular/Reliable)

  • CO: Colonel Salvatore Orloff


Second Andurien Rangers (1 Battalion/Elite/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Colonel Darron O'Donnel



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