2nd Drakøns (Rasalhague Dominion)

Second Drakøns
Unit Profile (as of 3145)
Parent Formation Tundra Galaxy
Formed Late 31st Century

Unit Description[edit]

The Second Drakøns is a Clan Ghost Bear/Rasalhague Dominion second-line combat unit which typically staffed with freeborn/native Inner Sphere warriors.

Unit History[edit]


Created during the later years of 31st Century, like other Drakøns Clusters, the unit would adopt its sister unit's traits of the Combat Vehicle only Trinaries, while MechWarriors would still be embracing the use of Melee weapons for close-quarters combat.[1]

The Second Combine-Dominion War[edit]

As part of the Dominion response after the near destruction of the Third Hussars, the unit was deployed with the First Drakøns in Irece Prefecture in 3099.

The unit's most noted action was in the Second Battle of Labrea in October 3099, where the Second was teamed with First and the Fourth Bear Regulars. The Second's Aerospace elements would be first to encounter Clan Nova Cat's forces led by saKhan Heather Winters, helping destroy the Nova Cat Legers's DropShip while trying to burn towards the planet. During the month long battle for the planet, a crippled Nova Cat DropShip would plunge itself into Second while on the battlefield. The Broadsword-Class DropShip would take out nine 'Mechs and three stars of Elementals of the Second with it in the resulting explosion on impact. By November 19th the Second along with First Drakøns would be nearly exhausted by the fighting and forced to withdraw from the planet.[2]

Late Dark Age Era[edit]

Tundra Galaxy be positioned close to Falcon's Reach near the former Republic of the Sphere border. The Second would be part of the plan to cut off the supply lines into the Falcon's holdings should they be needed.[3]

The Second mounted an unsuccessful raid upon Camlann in 3146, being repulsed by the Second Arkab Legion.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Drakøns (Ghost Bear Dominion)
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Drakøns (Rasalhague Dominion)
Star Colonel Johan Falk 3145[5]


The Cluster, like other Drakøns units, prefer close-quarter combat, preferring to use melee attacks.[6]

Composition History[edit]


Second Drakøns Cluster (Regular/Reliable)

Unit Note: Stationed on Grumium, the unit is at 90% fighting strength, Omni Equipment Rating of 0% Second Line equipment.[7]


  • The 2nd Drakøns was created in 3090s, first being noted in Historical: Wars of the Republic Era, where its actions were noted against Clan Nova Cat and the Draconis Combine. There is little information as of this writing on the unit aside from basic information aside their actions on Labrae. Field Manual: 3145 was the first time the unit would appear in a Field Manual.


Game Rules[edit]


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