ComStar WarShip Fleet

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ComStar WarShip Fleet
Formed 2933
Affiliation ComStar
Parent Command Com Guard

Kept hidden from the Successor States along with the Com Guards for centuries, the ComStar WarShip Fleet was the largest of any post-Star League Inner Sphere power prior to its destruction during the Jihad.[1]


Along with the capture of Terra as part of Operation Silver Shield, a large volume of former SLDF material was captured and mothballed by the newly formed organization. Included in this was a large number of battered and shattered SLDF WarShips in the Sol system; while the Order advised the various House Lords that those left were irretrievably lost, they set about preserving and repairing the most promising.[1]

With the formation of the ComStar Guards and Militia this WarShip fleet was also activated and new ships such as the Dante and Faslane classes also created, but the extreme secrecy required eventually resulted in a freeze on expansion of the fleet. While a token defense force was hidden in the Terran system, the bulk was hidden in the uninhabited Luyten 68-28 and Ross 248 systems.[1]

Even with the public unveiling of the Com Guards, the Blessed Order held back on revealing how powerful they really were and the fleet remained in hiding. This changed with the Clan Invasion and the arrival of Clan WarShip fleets, though by mutual agreement by Anastasius Focht and Ulric Kerensky WarShip combat was avoided during the Battle of Tukayyid.[1]

With the increasing size of the Successor State fleets, the ever-present Clans and the secular ComStar's desire for openness, the Order revealed the existence of the fleet to a shocked Inner Sphere. However the location of the fleet's home bases remained hidden as a security precaution.[1]

The years after Tukayyid have seen the loss of the vital Titan Yards to the Word of Blake as well as the fleet engaging in offensive operations for the first time during the reformed Star League's assault on Clan Smoke Jaguar. The Order pledged a number of ships to both Operation Bulldog and Task Force Serpent, losing the Sovetskii Soyuz-class Harmonious Thought and Lola III-class Leander during the disastrous assault on Luzerne and the Essex-class Emerald and Starlight on Huntress, but most returned intact. The fleet suffered a crippling blow during the Jihad, the bulk being lost during Case White, the Order's ill-fated assault on the Blakist-held Terran system.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the ComStar WarShip Fleet



Composition History[edit]


In 3062 as to 3067 the ComStar WarShip Fleet consisted of two fleets and two independent squadrons.[1][2]

  • Com Guard First Fleet[1]
ComStar's First Fleet was based at Luyten 68-28.
CSV Invisible Truth - Cameron-Class - ComStar Flagship and command ship of Task Force Serpent.
CSV Montpellier - Dante-Class
CSV Bordeaux - Dante-class
CSV Anastasius Focht - Suffren-class - Physical leadship of the class.
CSV Divine Wisdom - Lola III-class
CSV Holy Martyrdom - Lola III-class
CSV Strength Through Adversity - Lola III-class
CSV Vision of Truth - Potemkin-class
CSV Fire Fang - Whirlwind-class - Former Clan Ghost Bear ship captured by Task Force Serpent
CSV Alacrity - Vincent-class
CSV Dover - Faslane-class yardship
CSV Portsmouth - Faslane-class
  • Com Guard Second Fleet[1]
The Second Fleet was based at Ross 248.
CSV Blake's Strength - Black Lion-class
CSV Narbonne - Dante-class
CSV Manchester - Suffren-class
CSV Blake's Vision - Lola III-class
CSV Ranger - Lola III-class
CSV Enlightened Path - Volga-class
CSV Defender of Versailles - Essex-class
CSV Resilience - Vincent-class
CSV Determination - Vincent-class
CSV Plymouth - Faslane-class
CSV Dun Laoghaire - Faslane-class
  • First Independent Squadron[1]
CSV Cleansing Fire - Congress-class
CSV Blake's Vengeance - Sovetskii Soyuz-class
CSV Righteous Fury - Aegis-class
CSV Swift Justice - Aegis-class
CSV Hammerstrike - Essex-class
  • Second Independent Squadron[1]
CSV Hollings York - Congress-class
CSV Avenging Sword - Aegis-class
CSV Deathblow - Essex-class
CSV Brandenburg Crusader - Essex-class


After the disastrous Case White attack, the ComStar WarShip Fleet was reduced to five WarShips:[3]

  • CSV Invisible Truth - Cameron-class
  • CSV Bordeaux - Dante-class
  • CSV Plymouth - Faslane-class
  • CSV Dover - Faslane-class
  • CSV Galamorgan - Faslane-class

A further two Faslane-class yardships were constructed, primarily assigned to the Explorer Corps' Deep Periphery Columbus facility. Currently it isn't clear if these ships were present when the Word of Blake destroyed the Columbus base.[4]


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