2nd Fleet (SLDF)

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Second Fleet
Affiliation Star League
Parent Command SLDF Naval Command

The Second Fleet was a part of the Star League Defense Force Naval Command.[1] Though the Second Fleet was assigned to defend the Terran Hegemony unlike the First Fleet it wasn't stationed in a single system. Instead it was released into independent operations, and spent most of its time searching various systems (both populated and empty) for threats.[2]


Second Fleet was one of the oldest fleets in the SLDF. They had battle honors reaching back to the Reunification War, including the Siege of New Vandenberg. The Second Fleet wasn't content to bask in past achievements however. They destroyed four Draconis Combine Admiralty WarShips in Operation SMOTHER. During their 2765 deployment, each squadron of the fleet was assigned to reinforce one of the Terran Hegemony's provinces. Second Fleet was homeported at the Titan Yards alongside First Fleet, but also used the facilities available in most Hegemony systems.[2]

The Second Fleet worked closely with the First Fleet, and while the Second Fleet was the smaller of the two, it also formed a part of the Star League Emergency Command Post Network, a network of command vessels intended to take command of the SLDF if communications with Terra were somehow lost. In common with the command vessels within the First Fleet, the command vessels of the two Line Squadrons within the Second Fleet, the SLS New Earth and the SLS ''Caph'', were built to be specialized vessels bristling with intelligence gathering and communications equipment to allow them to function as mobile headquarters. As a result, the two Line Squadrons within the Second Fleet were always deployed within the borders of the Terran Hegemony and always had a senior general or admiral aboard.[1]

During the Periphery Uprising the Second Fleet would give up two of its squadrons to assist with operations within the Periphery, and when the Amaris Civil War began the Second Fleet was badly damaged. The SLS Caph and its commanding officer, Admiral Vincenzo McTiernan, survived the opening stages of the Amaris Civil War and led the surviving elements of the Second Fleet to meet up with those ships from the First Fleet that had survived, subsequently forming a part of the SLDF covert fleet which operated from bases such as Freedom Station.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 16th Division
Admiral Illaria Setiawan 2765[1]


  • Admiral Illaria Setiawan commanded the Second Fleet from the WarShip SLS New Earth.[1] Her ship was attached to the Second Star Squadron, making it an over-strength squadron of fourteen WarShips.[2]



Composition History[edit]


The Second Fleet was comprised of four active squadrons immediately prior to the Amaris Civil War. Two squadrons were assigned to reinforce other fleets:[2]

  • Second Star Squadron (The Cassini Squadron)[2]
  • Lead Ship: SLS New Earth (officially commanded by Vice Admiral Alma Cross, attachment of SLS New Earth meant Admiral Illaria Setiawan actually held command)
  • 21st Strike Squadron (The Orion Spur Squadron)[2]
  • Lead Ship SLS Nimbus - CO: Vice Admiral Inga Abbascia
  • 22nd Escort Squadron (The Cygnus-X Squadron)[2]
  • CO: Vice Admiral Amhlaidh Selvaggio
  • 23rd Reconnaissance Squadron (The Honor of Admiral Hamilton Squadron )[2]
  • CO: Vice Admiral Metin Lupo


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