2nd Ghost

The Second Ghost Regiment was a unit in service to House Kurita, and the second regiment of twelve Ghost Regiments formed by then-Gunji-no-Kanrei Theodore Kurita in an agreement with the yakuza.

2nd Ghost Regiment
Unit Profile (as of 3050)
Parent Formation Ghost Regiments



In the early 3030s, Theodore Kurita reached an agreement with the oyabun of the yakuza. The criminal organizations would provide trained soldiers and equipment for Theodore's new military, while the crime lords would benefit from BattleMech regiments owing a degree of loyalty to them.

War of 3039[edit]

In 3038, the recently formed Second was based on Shimosuwa, alongside the 1st Ghost.[1]

When the War of 3039 finally broke out, both the First and Second Ghost regiments were rotated to Altais to meet a major thrust of the Lyran Commonwealth's invasion.[1][2] In April 3039, they would face a task force including the 8th Donegal Guards RCT, a crack unit, along with the mercenary Dragonslayers and the famous Gray Death Legion. The Second Ghost were assigned to defend the capital city of Gaines against the veteran Mud Wrestlers of the Eighth Guards, despite being heavily outnumbered in conventional forces. The Lyrans used a bold tactic, drawing the bulk of the Ghosts away while the Lyrans' first battalion performed an orbital drop on the Kuritan regiment's headquarters. This part of their operation proved successful, and the Second Ghosts' command structure was effectively shattered. Nevertheless, the yakuza soldiers of the the outnumbered Second did not collapse, instead making the Lyrans pay for every inch of territory given up.[3]

Unfortunately for the Second Ghost, their sister regiment, the First Ghost, was defeated by the Gray Death Legion at Altais' two main starports and was forced to lift off the planet. This freed up the Lyrans to call the Dragonslayers down to reinforce the offensive against the capital. The Second Ghost would continue to harass the invaders in a series of guerrilla actions, but the ultimate outcome was never in doubt. The Ghosts finally withdrew to their DropShips on the 13th of June, leaving the planet.[4] Despite being heavily outnumbered and with their command structure in tatters, the Second had given a good accounting of themselves during the Altais campaign, inflicting moderate losses on both the Mud Wrestlers of the Eighth and the Dragonslayers while keeping the Lyrans tied up for two months.[5] Overall losses to the Second were heavy, while the First was reduced to only a third of their original strength. Both units retreated to Rukbat where they remained for the duration of the war, seeing no further action. In the aftermath of the conflict, both commands were relocated to Benjamin.[1]

Clan Invasion[edit]

A Wolfnet report in early 3050 speculated that the Second was still based on Benjamin at that time, the capital of the Benjamin Military District. Even Wolfnet was unable to completely breach the Ghosts' security.[6]

The Second Ghost was one of dozens of Combine regiments relocated from the Federated Commonwealth border to the Pesht Military District in a desperate effort to defend House Kurita against the Clan Invasion. The Second were assigned to defend Caripare, a rich agricultural world. In February 3052, the planet came under attack by Clan Nova Cat. Upon receiving the Clan's batchall, the Second, in an attempt at deception, claimed to be a green regiment. To that end, the Nova Cats initially bid only two trinaries from the 1st Nova Cat Guards, landing near Johnson Lake. The Second Ghosts immediately ambushed the Clan invaders as they emerged from the water, forcing the Nova Cats to break their bid by calling in their third trinary. The result was a fierce, running battle for Caripare, with heavy engagements at Treverton Forest and the Lissan Fields. The Second were unable to withdraw from the planet and were ultimately destroyed, with most of Caripare's forests being burnt down in the process. [7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Ghost


Wolfnet was unable to ascertain the identity of the Second Ghost's commander as of 3050.[6]


The Second Ghost proved to be highly dedicated warriors, willing to fight on with lightning strikes and guerrilla actions even after their leadership was scattered.[3] They attempted a similar strategy against the Nova Cats, but were unable to match the Clans' superior technology and skill.[7]

Composition History[edit]


2nd Ghost (Regiment/Regular/Questionable)[8]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Benjamin. [8]


2nd Ghost (Regiment/Regular?/Questionable)[6]

Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Benjamin. [6]


  • Invading Clans (sourcebook) refers to the Second Ghost as an elite formation in its narrative.[9] Taken literally, this is not supported by other publications, which speculate the Second only of a 'regular' quality.[6]



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