2nd Janissaries

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Second Janissaries Brigade
Formed 3060[1]
Disbanded During Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE
Nickname "The Pride of Warlock"
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
St. Ives Compact (previous)
Parent Command St. Ives Janissaries
St. Ives Sentinels (previous)

Unit Description[edit]

The 2nd Janissaries was an extensively intermixed Combined Arms Brigade originally formed by the St. Ives Compact and later serving with the Capellan Confederation. The Brigade consisted of three regiments that were composed of vehicles and 'Mechs mixed down to the lance level. It had assigned Aerospace Fighters and infantry in separate attached forces.[2]

Unit Insignia[edit]

The 2nd Janissaries' insignia is a shield with a stallion standing on its hind legs with a sword and shield crossed in front of the shield. Below the horse on the shield, a silver no. 2 is blazed on it signifying the unit's status in the Corp. The shield is highlights and out sections is painted in silver as well.[3]


Formation and Early Years[edit]

The 2nd Janissaries were conceived by Duchess Candace Liao in 3047 as part of her vision of a new type of combat force. However, the Brigade and its sister unit only remained a concept on paper for nearly a decade, due in part of the Compact's lack of resources and the Clan Invasion of 3050 taking up much of the output of its FedCom allies to fight off the Clans.

It would not be until 3058, when St. Ives' military industries would come online and begin to supply the equipment needed to bring the St. Ives Janissaries to life. The 2nd Janissaries became operational in March of 3060. The Brigade would travel to several worlds of the Compact to help with new force's training, before it settled on its new homeworld of Warlock.[4]

The Capellan-St. Ives War[edit]

Three months after the unit became operational, a battalion of the Blackwind Lancers launched their illegal attack against Hustaing and triggered what would be known later as the Capellan-St. Ives War. The Brigade first action of the war, came when they were deployed to reinforce Compact forces on Denbar. Initially, the 2nd Janissaries' assault against Marshigama's Legionnaires went well against the Capellan regiment. However, Warrior House units counter's Janissaries' assault with unexpectedly furious counterattack that threw the brigade back. The Brigade learned to adapt and was able to counter Warrior House's gains with its Battle Armor infantry. In the end this was not enough to hold the planet for the Compact and the Brigade was forced to withdraw from Denbar after seven months of fighting. Some of the Denbar's Home Guard Aerospace unit was absorbed by the Janissaries’ 288th Aerospace Wing.

The 2nd Janissaries were dispatched to Indicass where they were to backup St. Ives Cheveau Legers, however arrived too late. The Legers had been destroyed by House Liao invaders and some of their survivors absorbed into the Janissaries. While on Indicass, the Brigade had little chance taking the world. Instead the unit was employed to as means to keep CCAF sending additional reinforcement to hold world while relieving pressure from other Compact forces fighting elsewhere. In 3061, Thuggee's the Black May attacks occurred through out the Compact. These nerve gas attacks killed civilians and military personnel alike, including the Janissaries' Brigade commanding officer. The Brigade would come under the command of an officer named Sang-shao Angelina Ilyanova, whom was the illegitimate daughter of late House Liao and Strategic Director Pavel Ridzik. With additional reinforcements arriving from CCAF, the Janissaries were soon forced to quit another world and fall back to St. Loris. Ilyanova would use her inherited gift of Strategy from her father to allow the Brigade fending off CCAF. With aid from Khorsakov's Cossacks, the Brigade managed to hold the planet for the Compact until its surrender in 3063.[5]

Pre-Jihad Years[edit]

After the War, the unit slowly rebuilt itself from damage it had taken during the war. The unit since 3063 rebuilt itself with number 'Mech companies filled out with OmniMechs, by 3067 there were seven of these companies worth of the 'Mech type which CCAF's high command could not account to where they had came from. The Duchess Candace deployed unit prior to the Jihad to the House Liao Periphery ally, the Magistracy of Canopus for a tour of duty. The command's additional OmniMech replacement came under suspicion that they were secretly come from Capellan March Duke George Hasek.[6][7] Prior to the Jihad, the Ilyanova would be replaced as commanding officer the brigade by Sang-shao Souzan Markovic, who had commanded the unit's Combat Command Beta.[8]


In 3068, FedSun's renegade Capellan March Lord, Duke George Hasek launched his invasion of St. Ives and Capellan Confederation. In the initial invasion, elements of the 2nd Janissaries would shift their loyalties to provide support for the liberation of the St. Ives Compact from Capellan hands. On Warlock, the elements of the Janissaries would hold the planet for Davion supported invasion. In July 3069, the 2nd Janissaries' Combat Command Gamma and the 2nd Rangers regiment would come under attack by the Roman's Mounted Fusiliers. Prior to former mercenary's landings, Gamma and the Rangers would setup defenses in Warlock's planetary capital. Janissaries send forces to skirmishes against the Fusiliers, however they would be repelled and forced to withdraw back into the city. Despite Gamma's heavy artillery bombardment and Aerospace fighter attacks, the Fusiliers drove the Janissaries into the city's center. Battle in the city turn bitter and bloody where in five hours of the fighting, the entire Gamma regiment would killed down to the last man, taking 30 percent of the Fusiliers with them.[9] By end of 3070, the last of the 2nd Janissaries would be destroyed.[10]

Due to its loyalties having shifted to support renegade House Davion forces, the 2nd Janissaries were struck from the active rolls of the Capellan Confederation's Armed Forces. This act of betrayal and its general distrust the rest of the CCAF has for entire Corp, would cause 2nd's parent Corp be disbanded.[11]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Blackwind Lancers
Sang-shao Angelina Ilyanova 3063[12]
Sang-shao Souzan Markovic 3067[13]


While under the command of Sang-shao Ilyanova, the command would plan out long term strategies to win a campaign rather than plan for individual battles.[14]

Composition History[edit]


Combat Command Alpha (Combined Arms Regiment)

  • CO: Sang-shao Angelina Ilyanova
  • Notes: In 3063, the Unit was rated as Regulars and listed with a Questionable loyalty rating. The Regiment was noted as being the heaviest of three Combat Commands and had not replaced its losses within two of its Companies.

Combat Command Beta (Combined Arms Regiment)

  • Notes: The regiment is noted as being equipped with a large quantity of Combat Vehicles, making the unit slightly less maneuverable in certain terrain. It was listed in 3063 as having a Questionable loyalty rating and Green skill set unlike other sister regiments whom are listed at Regular.[15]
  • Combat Command Gamma (Combined Arms Regiment)
  • CO: Zhong-shao Jacques Calais
  • Notes: Gamma's regiment is noted for being fitted out with full companies of OmniMechs and working closely with the 2nd Rangers infantry force.[16]

288th Aerospace (2 Aerospace Fighter Wings)

  • Notes: The wing is noted for having a Regular skills and Questionable loyalty rating. The Capellan-St. Ives War would give the 288th additional strength with absorption of fighters from Home Guard from Denbar and decimated St. Ives Cheveau Legers.[17]

2nd Ranger Auxiliaries (2 Infantry Battalions)

  • Notes: Prior to Capellan-St Ives War in 3060, the unit had 2 battalions worth of Battle Armor enhanced by artillery support. After the conflict in 3063, the unit was barely a battalion strong with 2 companies worth armor infantry remaining with some of its artillery support. As of 3067, the Unit was rated as Veterans and retains Questionable loyalty rating and grown to full Regiment.


Combat Command Alpha (Combined Arms Regiment)

  • CO: Zhong-shao Trahn Bishop
  • Notes: In 3067, the Unit was rated as Regulars and listed with a Questionable loyalty rating. The regiment's equipment would be fitted out with 80 percent Star League technology with remaining 20 percent the unit with B grade equipment. Its fighting strength would be noted at 110 percent.[18]

Combat Command Beta (Combined Arms Regiment)

  • CO: Zhong-shao Trudi Qong
  • Notes: In 3067, Beta's overall skills would be listed at Regular and it loyalty would be listed with a questionable rating. Its strength/numbers of the regiment was rated at 105%, with 80 percent of its forces upgraded with Star League technology.[19]

Combat Command Gamma (Combined Arms Regiment)

  • CO: Zhong-shao Elton Nix
  • Notes: Stationed on Warlock, the regiment was listed at 115 percent fighting strength with 60 percent of its numbers fitted out with Star League technology. The Regiment's loyalty rating would be listed at Questionable and it was listed with a skill rating of Regular.[20]

288th Aerospace Wing

  • CO: Kong-sao-shao Bart Luyducker
  • Notes: The Wing's fighting strength is listed at 200%, being station with majority of the Brigade on Joppa. It is also noted being listed as Veterans and having a Questionable loyalty rating.[21]

2nd Ranger Auxiliaries (Infantry Battalion/Regiment)

  • CO: Zhong-shao William Barnes
  • Notes: The Rangers are listed at 110% fighting strength, with a Regular skill and Questionable loyalty rating.[22]
  • Brigade Note: With the exception of the CC Gamma and the 2nd Rangers Auxiliaries on Warlock, most of the Brigade as of 3067 would be station on Joppa.


The Brigade is also known as the 2nd Janissary Brigade from time to time.[23][24]

It is unknown as of this writing what happened to the rest of the 2nd Janissaries brigade on Joppa other entire brigade being noted as being destroyed and struck from the rolls of the Capellan Confederation due its betrayal.


Game Rules[edit]

The 2nd Janissaries have forces specific ablities listed in the Rules Annex of the source book, Field Manual: Capellan Confederation. The any unit of the brigade can utilize the Banking the Inititive ablility.

Also, during timeframe Sang-sao Ilyanova of commanding the Brigade, MW3 RPG players only pay half the experience cost of improving their characters' Tactics and Strategy skills while assigned to 2nd Janissaries.[25]


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