2nd Kavalleri

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2nd Kavalleri
Unit Profile (as of 3072)
Nickname Masters of Stealth[1]
Parent Formation Kavalleri
Formed Early 3030s

Unit Description[edit]

The Second Kavalleri was a light weight reconnaissance BattleMech Regiment in service to the Free Rasalhague Republic. After the Clan Invasion, the unit would operate as combined arms task force, with a battalion of 'Mechs leading heavier conventional forces.[2]

Unit History[edit]

Ronin War[edit]

In 3034, with the formation of the Republic, a number of Draconis Combine loyalists would go rogue and invade in an attempt to convince the Combine not to let the breakaway district go. These rogue elements were referred to as ronin, hence the name "Ronin War".

In June, at the request of the ruling Valdherre, the 2nd Kavalleri was sent to Kempten where they were needed to break a standoff between the ronin force and the planet's mercenary garrison, Vinson’s Vigilantes. The unit conducted a combat drop into the rear of the First Sun Zhang Academy Cadre, who had taken up position in the Rammaport Petrochem facilities. The 2nd Kavalleri was wildly successful, killing the Cadre’s commanding officer, Tai-sho Vincennes Murita in their initial attack. Leaderless, the Cadre retreated in chaos with Vinson’s Vigilantes in pursuit. The Cadre was able to get into the nearby Cantis Mountains. The survivors vowed to not surrender, but the 2nd Kavalleri’s commanding officer felt the situation was well in hand. The planetary government declared hostilities were over, and allowed the battalion of the Vigilantes to withdraw from the planet, citing their contract completed.[3]

By August the Cadre had been whittled down to only a quarter of their original strength. The Kempten government hired a small tank company, the Terrible Treads, to safeguard the planetary capital of Kemptinus. The 2nd Kavalleri were surprised by the ronin 17th Rasalhague Regulars, who were able to sneak onto the planet undetected. Hot-dropping into the Kavalleri’s rear areas, they prompted the Cadre survivors to conduct a frontal attack on the Kavalleri’s position. Unable to convince the mercenaries to aid them, the Kavalleri was forced to retreat to the city of Nystal. Despite the regiment’s superior speed, half of the regiment was lost in the fighting withdrawal from the ronin forces. By 12th August, elements of the 2nd Sword of Light would arrive in system, forcing the Regulars (who had absorbed the Cadre's survivors) to surrender.[4]

After the conflict in 3035, survivors of the now defunct 1st Kavalleri’s vehicle and infantry assets were folded into the regiment’s numbers.[5]

Invasion of Clan Wolf[edit]

In 3050, Clan Wolf and other descendants of General Aleksandr Kerensky invaded the Inner Sphere, including the Free Rasalhague Republic. In April 3052, the 2nd Kavalleri's world of Lothan was targeted for invasion by the Clan Wolf. The Wolves dispatched their 328th Assault Cluster to take the planet. The Kavalleri and its 1st Lothan Brigade fought the Cluster in three locations on-world. The heavy weight of the Cluster’s OmniMechs outclassed the light recon 'Mechs of the Kavalleri, which was demonstrated in the battle near Saldhana. The Wolves used a Star of Assault OmniMechs to push through the Lothan's Infantry Regiment and compromise the 2nd Kavalleri's right flank. In the Battle of Tronsk, a headhunting Elemental Battle Armor unit discovered and attacked the Regiment’s mobile headquarters. The powerful armor tore apart the vehicle with the regiment's staff, with only Överste Signa Pegrem managing to escape. In the final battle for the planet, the unit poorly chose to turn and face the 328th in an open valley where the many members of the unit would be slaughtered. Only five companies of the Kavelleri were able to escape from the planet and fall back to the world of Ueda.[6][7]

Aftermath of the Invasion and the Rebuilding[edit]

After retreating to Ueda, Överste Pegrem began the process of reorganizing her truncated regiment into a fighting force once again. Initially, she reorganized the regiment into a reinforced battalion, which consisted of four companies of four lances each. With aide of ComStar after Battle of Tukayyid, she had the unit concentrate on adding new technology such as electronics countermeasures to help in their force's profile. She would try to bolster's troops trust in her by claiming her family comes from long line of ninjas. In the years after the battle that ripped the 2nd Kavalleri asunder, the unit adapted and learned from the mistakes of the past. Resigned to the world of Karbala, the unit made sure with aide of newly arrival electronic expert, making the unit difficult to spot on the battlefield. Part of this effort was equipping each of 2nd Kavalleri's lances with least one BattleMech with ECM. They formulated a new strategy with newly attached supplemental forces to ambush enemies and using Karbala's considerable firepower ambush them. The regiment's infantry assets would receive Republic's first handful of Infiltrator Battle Armor enhance regiment's infantry ability to recon enemy.[8][9]

The unit's Infantry force commander Jack Koslow continued his efforts over the years to get Draconis Combine's Kage Battle Armor, to no avail. The outbreak of the Combine-Ghost Bear War would disrupt his efforts acquire the access to Kage for sale. However, in 3062, he would shift his efforts develop Republic's own light Battle Armor design with SLDF and ComStar, which would become the Kobold. In 3065, the 2nd Kavalleri's infantry regiments would be involved development of the prototypes with ComGuard's 116th Division, though SLDF would drop out of development due politics conflicts with its members. The 2nd Kavalleri's efforts would lead to Grumium Creations put the suit into production later in 3069.[10]

The Jihad and the absorption of the Republic[edit]

The Rasalhague Free Republic would come under attack by elements of the Word of Blake, striking Rasalhague in January 3068 lay siege to the planet and slightly later in November on Orestes. Clan Ghost Bear would move into the Republic to take the planets into its protective custody in 3070.[11] The Republic's government would agree after meeting with Ghost Bear officials to merge the Republic into the Ghost Bear Dominion.[12]

In 3072, Clan Ghost Bear and KungsArmé under the guidance of General Margrethe Minuit and Elected Prince and saKhan Ragnar Magnusson would dismantle the regiment.

The Regiment would be remade into a Clan 2nd-Line Cluster, the 2nd Kavalleri Cluster.[13][14]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Kavalleri
Överste Signa Pegrem 3050[15]


Originally the unit used light weight of its medium and light BattleMechs to out maneuver the enemy.[16]

In later years after the Clan Invasion, the unit would be use its supporting Combat Vehicle elements to ambush unexpecting enemies lured in its 'Mech force.[17]

Composition History[edit]


2nd Kavalleri (BattleMech Regiment) Unit Note: The regiment as of 3034 would be considered be Regulars and have a reliable loyalty. They were fitted out with B Rated Equipment for the time period.[18]


2nd Kavalleri (BattleMech Regiment/Regular/Fanatical)

  • CO: Överste Signa Pegrem

Unit Note: Stationed on Lothan, the regiment was as of 3050 were considered to be Regulars in skill, but fanatical in their loyalty to the Republic.[19]

3062 to 3067[edit]

2nd Kavalleri (BattleMech Battalion) CO: Överste Signa Pegre Unit Note: The unit was considered to be Veterans and had a Fanatical devotion to the Republic. The Battalion consists of solely Light and Medium BattleMechs.[20]

Delta Darts (Aerospace Fighter Company)

Aerospace note: Unit was considered to be Regular and had a fanatical devotion of loyalty to the Republic.[21]

2nd Karbala Heavy Armor (Combat Vehicle Regiment) CO: Överste Alexander Howanski Heavy Armor Note: The unit was noted to have Demolisher and Axel type Tanks among the regiment's numbers.[22] The unit by 3062 was considered regulars and reliable in their loyalty to the Republic.[23]

2nd Kavalleri Infantry (2 Infantry Regiments) CO: Överste Jack Koslow Regiment Note: By 3067, the 2nd Kavalleri's components would be upgraded to mostly Star League level technology. Force Strengths for 3067; 'Mech component of the unit would be at 97% strength, and its Combat Vehicle regiment 92%, Aerospace Fighter Company at 100%, and its two infantry regiments be both rated at 99%.[24]

Also See[edit]


As of this writing it is unknown what the 2nd Kavalleri's actions undertaken during the early Jihad prior to their absorption into Clan Ghost Bear's Touman in 3072.


Game Rules[edit]

When using Rules found in the Field Manual: ComStar or Era Report: 3052, the 2nd Kavalleri given scenario special abilities where became available after the events of Battle of Tukayyid in 3052. This is to reflect the Kavalleri's investment into becoming effective in electronic warfare.

  • Half of the player's force may hidden if they are the defender.
  • When player is putting a force together, they can choose if a lance leader will have a ECM equipped 'Mech. This maybe retrofitted by removing other equipment from the 'Mech by using the rules found in either Battletech Rules Revised or Maintenance, Salvage, Repair and Customization section of Strategic Operations. Please note that, Equipment Quality of the 'Mech would be reduced as the result of the refitting.[25][26]


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