2nd Kavalleri (Rasalhague Dominion)

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2nd Kavalleri Cluster
Formed Early 3070s
Affiliation Rasalhague Dominion
Parent Command Polar Galaxy

The Second Kavalleri is a Clan Ghost Bear second-line BattleMech Cluster, which originally consisted of soldiers whom were members defunct Free Rasalhague Republic formerly of the BattleMech Regiment of the same name.[1]

Unit History[edit]


After the merging of the Republic into the Ghost Bear Dominion, Clan Ghost Bear would by 3074 re-organize the KungsArmé into a new Clan oriented military fighting force. The regiment had been cut in half and reduced to a Battalion size unit and tweaked into a Clan Cluster. During the 2nd Kavalleri reconfigured as a Clan Ghost Bear 2nd Line force, much of its original members would undertake a series of Trials of Position to retain their place in the Cluster. Assigned to the newly formed Polar Galaxy, the unit would soon be redeployed within the Dominion in order to free up Clan frontline Combat units to fight the Word of Blake.[2][3][4]

Ice Hellion Raid of Damian[edit]

In early 3076, Clan Ice Hellion assaulted the world of Damian after series of raids through the Ghost Bear Dominion. The 2nd Kavalleri's aerospace fighter elements forced the Hellion's DropShips to ground themselves. Despite being under strength, the Kavalleri's ground and aerospace fighter conducted a series of hit and run attacks on Clan Ice Hellion warriors in an attempt to keep it pinned down until reinforcements could arrive. In course of the fighting outside of the planetary capital, the forest which battle was occurring would be set ablaze as the Kavalleri were taken apart by Hellion forces. Despite that, the Kavalleri's sister clusters 2nd Freeman and 3rd Drakøn successfully destroyed the Hellion raiders.[5]

The unit would be moved to Krenice as part of their garrison assignment as of December 3076.[6]

Dark Age[edit]

During the Second Combine-Dominion War, the Second was posted to Trondheim in 3100. The Draconis Combine had dispatched the 11th Ghost regiment, supported by the WarShip, DCS Draconis Rift in an attempt to take the planet. When the Eleventh landed, the Second sent a request for reinforcements to Rasalhague, and they held defensive positions in the planet's spaceport. Just as the Second was going to leave to engage the Combine forces, the rest of Polar Galaxy arrived and forced the DCMS units to withdraw.[7]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Kavalleri (Ghost Bear Dominion)
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Kavalleri (Rasalhague Dominion)



Component History[edit]


Note: As of December 3076, the unit was headquartered out of Krenice at 70% of fighting strength. The Unit was considered to be Veterans dual loyalty of Reliable to both Clan Ghost Bear and people of the former Free Rasalhague Republic.[8]

Unit Note: The Cluster, like other Clan KungsArmé forces equipment consist of mix of ComStar, Draconis Combine, Lyran, Clan Second-Line 'Mechs and by 3077, some Word of Blake BattleMechs as well.[9]


As of this writing, its unclear if any attached non-BattleMech forces are assigned to 2nd Kavalleri.

Game Notes[edit]


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