2nd Liao Dragoons

Second Liao Dragoons
Formed Between 3113 and 3144
Nickname Han's Dragoons[1]
Affiliation Capellan Confederation
Parent Command Liao Cháng-Chéng


The Second Liao Dragoons was created in secret sometime before Operation CELESTIAL REWARD as one of the Hidden Lion regiments formed by Chancellor Daoshen Liao using stockpiled equipment.[1] This new Liao Cháng-Chéng unit uses the Augmented Regiment formations commonly found in the CCAF by 3145.[2] They are a second-line regiment of the Sarna Commonality.[3] They are most likely a heavy regiment like the 1st Liao Dragoons.

In 3144, the 2nd Liao Dragoons inflicted massive losses on the Lee National Guard in a feint during Operation CELESTIAL REWARD.[1]

In 3145. they were reassigned to Detroit hunting pirates.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Liao Dragoons
Sang-shao Chao-Ba Han 3145[4]


Experts at cross-border raiding. Adept at hunting Periphery pirates.[1]

Composition History[edit]


2nd Liao Dragoons (Regular/Reliable)[4]

  • CO: Sang-shao Chao-Ba Han

Han's Hawks (2 Flights/Veteran/Reliable)[4]

Han's Augmented Cavalry (Regular/Questionable)[4]


The unit paints their equipment dark green with blue and red highlights. Their emblem is an eagle wielding a pair of cutlasses with its talons.


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