2nd Phecda Protectorate Militia

WoB Protectorate Militia Logo All.png
2nd Phecda Protectorate Militia Division
Disbanded 3078
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Protectorate Militia

The Second Phecda Protectorate Militia is one of the many militias raised by Word of Blake to defend the Word of Blake Protectorate. The unit was deployed in Phecda. As of 3075 it was one of the two units raised from this planet along the 1st Phecda Protectorate Militia.[1]


The Word of Blake occupied Phecda later during the Jihad, incorporating it into the Word of Blake Protectorate.

Forces fighting on the Lyran front of Operation SCOUR liberated Phecda in January 3078 after shattering the two Protectorate Militias, although the commanding officer on the Lyran front, Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner, took critical injuries during the battle for Phecda and had to transfer command of the Lyran front to Gregory Kelswa-Steiner.[2] On the 14th of February, after Group IV had completed the conquest of Phecda, Duke Kelswa-Steiner gave an interview to Marlena Stockheart of SBC; the Duke made a point of highlighting that Gregory Kelswa-Steiner's performance to date and his grasp of matters such as logistics and strategy as a part of Operation SCOUR had attracted praise from many quarters, including saKhan Ivan Kerensky, the Duke's second in command.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Phecda Protectorate Militia Division



Composition History[edit]

Protectorate Militia Divisions were equipped with enough DropShip capacity for transportation, but not JumpShips.[4]


As long as a Protectorate Militia force is fighting on its homeworld and is acting as the scenario's Defender, the Protectorate Militia force receives the Force the Initiative and Off-Map Movement special abilities. If deployed as the Attacker in a scenario, the Protectorate Militia force loses its Force the Initiative ability, but retains its Off-Map Movement capability.

If deployed on a world other than its homeworld (such as an Epsilon Eridani force being deployed on Genoa), the Protectorate Militia force not only loses all of its special abilities, but also suffers a –2 Initiative modifier.

Although Blakist-based, Protectorate Militia forces may use standard Inner Sphere force arrangements (Lances, Companies, and Battalions) rather than Word of Blake force arrangements.[5]


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