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2nd Wolf Strike Grenadiers (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)

2nd Wolf Strike Grenadiers
Formed 3058
Nickname The Maulers
Affiliation Clan Wolf-in-Exile
Parent Command Beta Galaxy

The Second Wolf Strike Grenadiers was a military formation of Clan Wolf in Exile destroyed during the Jihad.


The Cluster does not appear on the roster lists of Clan Wolf prior to the Refusal War [1] and is not listed as part of the exiles forces immediately after it in January 3058. [2] It would appear that it was created in late 3058 as part of the reorganization of the Clan's forces.[3] The Second was deployed during Operation Bulldog in a secondary role forming the garrison for captured planet. [4] After which it formed part of the garrison of Arc-Royal, [5] until it later took up position on Bountiful Harvest in response to the Jade Falcon Incursion.[6]

The Jihad[edit]

In 3068 the Second Wolf Strike Grenadiers were part of the task force that escorted Wolf's Dragoons to Outreach on a rescue mission.[7]

In December 3073 the 2nd Wolf Strike Grenadiers were still stationed on the Lyran world of Bountiful Harvest along with the 4th Wolf Guardians[8] when the Word of Blake's 50th Shadow Division raided the world. The 2nd Grenadiers and the 4th Guardians put up a fierce resistance, forcing the 50th Shadow Division to retreat after taking heavy losses.[9][10]

In 3077, Beta Galaxy was assigned to Group IV in the Free World League as part of Operation SCOUR. Group IV established a base on Talitha, and then attacked Marcus only to be repulsed. In September, Beta Galaxy took part in the assault on Chara, however it encountered an operational SDS network and saw heavy fighting in space even before it landed. The ground campaign was equally savage and saw the loss of both the Sixteenth Wolf Guards and Second Wolf Strike Grenadiers forcing the Galaxy to retreat. [11] [12]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Wolf Strike Grenadiers (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)
Star Colonel Serret Radick 3067



Composition History[edit]

In 3059 it consisted of 5 Regular Trinaries [5] and was at 91% capacity in 3067.[6]


  • Star Colonel Serret was noted in 3059 as a freeborn warrior who had held his rank since before the Wolves were exiled.[13] However, by 3067 he appears to have gained a bloodname. [6]


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