2nd Division (Word of Blake)

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2nd Division (Word of Blake).jpg
2nd Division IV-Gamma
Formed 3052
Disbanded 3078
Nickname Stern Resistance
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia

Unit Description[edit]

The 2nd Division was an early Word of Blake Militia Division, which was amongst the elite of its time prior to the Jihad.


Pre-Jihad Era[edit]

The 2nd Division was based in Fort Tukayyid on Gibson.[1] A training accident resulted in the death of long-time commanding officer, Precentor Daphne Chrysler. Her loss was a blow to the unit, and to Precentor William Blane who had consulted her for military advice.[2]

Operation Odysseus[edit]

As part of Operation Odysseus the 2nd Division attacked Geneva (the seat of Terra's government). Precentor XI John Christopher commanded Task Force Steel in Operation Odysseus. Though successful, combat losses deprived the 2nd Division of many of their most skilled warriors. Trent Arian, then Precentor Martial, directed the output of several production lines to the 2nd Division. After Terra fell to the Word of Blake, the 2nd Division was headquartered at the Sandhurst Castle Brian, serving as a training force for the cadets at the Sandhurst Royal Military College. [3]

Jihad Era[edit]

Operation Steel Hammer[edit]

In 3068, the 2nd Division conducted several raids against the Lyran world of Donegal as part of Operation Steel Hammer. During these raids, they placed elements of their Division with Word of Blake ROM agents to begin preparation for a full scale invasion. They also secretly planted nuclear devices to soften up the planetary infrastructure. [4] Early in 3070, the Division conducted full-scale invasion of the planet, backed by the Vincent-class corvette Blake's Redemption. The unit conducted a series of rapid-strikes across the planet, devastating its heavy industry and infrastructure, including crippling the planet's orbital habitats and space-based industries. The Division successfully blockaded the planet during its time on the planet. It was relieved by the 18th Division. In 3072 the 2nd and backed up by 37th Division, and elements of the 42nd Shadow Division conducted a full scale attack on Lyran world of Arc-Royal. However, their attack was repelled by determined defenders consisting of number of Lyran commands, Wolf-In-Exile, and the Kell Hounds. This caused the heavy damage to the Division, forcing them to withdraw from the planet.

Clash with early Coalition Forces[edit]

In 3073 elements of the Division were spotted assisting the 40th Shadow Division in their attack against Uncle Chandy's coalition forces on Arcturus, before withdrawing with heavy damage of its own.[5] Surviving elements of the Arcturus strike forces arrived on Hesperus II in 3074 to assist the defending 38th Division fighting off Devlin Stone's coalition forces.

In December of that year, Devlin Stone's coalition forces invaded Hesperus II. During the brutal fight for the planet, the unit defended the Defiance Industries complexes along the Second Division. The Precentor Martial split his forces and sent the Battle Corps Legion and a mixed mercenary command against the Thirty eighth Division while the First Com Guards Army faced the Word's Second Division, with both WoB divisions supported by Castle Brian-like fortifications. Just after one day, the assault stalled. During the next seven days a brutal fighting converted an extended siege to a final push, where the Com Guards' Seventy-ninth Division was able to breach the defenses and gain access to the mountain complex. The Seventy-ninth's opened the can on the Word's hold on Defiance Industries, but it took another month before Com Guards battle armor were able to clear the facility of Blakist troops and saboteurs.[6] Fewer than two Level III formations survived the battle.[7]

Defense of Dieron and their Demise[edit]

After refitting for three years on Terra, in 3077 the 2nd Division arrived at Dieron with the 3rd Division, several Protectorate Militia units, and a fleet of WarShips. These WarShips waited until the DCMS and Ghost Bear forces committed to the drop, then jumped into place and attacked the Ghost Bear fleet. The ground forces, including the 2nd Division, then arrived at a pirate point on the other side of the world. The 2nd Division became the garrison of Fortress Dieron and blunted the 8th Dieron Regulars attack. This came at a high price however: barely two Level IIIs managed to escape from Dieron,[8] and the Division was considered to have been destroyed.[9]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Division
Precentor Daphne Chrysler 3055[10]
Precentor XI John Christopher 3067
Precentor II Brian Rhoads 3070 - 3074[11][7]


The elite 2nd Division specialized in small unit actions, training Level IIIs to act as independent forces.[12] They were also skilled in city fighting.[13]

Composition History[edit]

3062 to 3067[edit]

  • Severed Dreams III-beta (CO: Precentor XII Daphne Chrysler)
  • Dust to Dust III-beta (CO: Precentor VI Anna Michaels)
  • Cosmic Faith III-delta (CO: Demi-Precentor III Brian Rhoades)
  • Bad Moon III-gamma (CO: Precentor IX Nicholas Karger)
  • Lasting Thoughts III-delta (CO: (Adept) Demi-Precentor X Glen Argall)

Game Rules[edit]


For every 6 units deployed by the Second Division, one unit may be chosen from the Word of Blake's Random Assignment Table rather than rolled randomly. Second Division receives a –2 Piloting Skill modifier to avoid skidding on Paved hexes. If the division deploys more than a single Level III in the scenario, the controlling player receives a –2 Initiative modifier, reflecting this command's preference for small-unit actions.[7]



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