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  • Davion units, including the mercenary Tristram's Terrorists and Kingston's Commandos, raid the Liao world of St. Ives. Liao forces, including the mercenary McCarron's Armored Cavalry and Ambermarle's Highlanders, successfully fend off the attack.
  • January 4th: First Prince Hanse Davion attacks Halstead Station.
  • The mercenary unit Snord's Irregulars defeats a supply raid on Loric conducted by Wolf's Dragoons.


  • January: Anton Marik and Maximilian Liao meet on Terra, cementing alliance and transferring Wolf's Dragoons to Anton's employ.
  • Beginning of the Marik Civil War.
    • March: Wolf's Dragoons depart Wright for the Free Worlds League.
      • May 22nd: Anton Marik proclaims himself Captain-General and requests provinces join his rebellion.
      • Rebel-employed Wolf's Dragoons lead highly successful strikes against Loyalist forces. Captain-General Janos Marik orders Loyalist forces to counterattack.
      • June: Janos Marik proclaims Anton an outlaw and threatens the death penalty for any person, unit or province that assists him; Nova Roma falls to the Rebels. Natasha Kerensky led into loyalist ambush by the Bounty Hunter, leading to blood feud between them.
    • June 25th: Anton Marik makes his inflammatory speech from Nova Roma.
      • Majority of provinces declare neutrality under Home Defense Act; the Duchy of Andurien refuses to send any aid to either FWLM or Rebel forces.
      • Late 3014: Principality of Regulus and Sirian Concordance agree to support Janos and are rewarded with financial aid.
      • Late 3014: Janos requires all Loyalist provinces to endorse Order 1136, making all provincial units to join the revolt subject to the Replevin Doctrine.
    • Lyran Commonwealth takes advantage of Civil War, launching deep raids into the League.
  • All-female Laurel's Legion mercenary unit formed.