304th Assault (Clan Ghost Bear)

304th Assault (Clan Ghost Bear).jpg
304th Assault Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname The Howling Bears [1]
Parent Formation Beta Galaxy
Formed unknown
Disbanded 3077


Operation Revival[edit]

The 304th fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave One[edit]

Wave Three[edit]

Wave Four[edit]

Wave Five[edit]


During the Battle of Tukayyid, they fought and decimated the 121st Division of the Com Guards on the march to the city of Luk, but were forced to turn back.

They were among the forces that held the city of Spanac against raids by the Ninty-first and Twelfth Divisions.

Combine War[edit]

First Draconis Combine/Ghost Bear War[edit]

As a part of Beta Galaxy the Fourteenth was actively involved in the First Draconis Combine / Ghost Bear War, which began in 3062 with a suicidal attack by three regiments of the Alshain Avengers against Alshain. While the Twelfth Bear Chevaliers attacked the Clan Nova Cat forces on Mualang, preventing those forces from coming to the assistance of the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery, the 304th and the other elements of Beta Galaxy attacked both Dumaring and Najha.[2]

The 304th took heavy damage on Maule when Nova Cat forces launched a ferocious deep strike at them, but the 304th was still able to launch an attack on Gunzburg shortly after the end of the War, working with the Second Bear Regulars from Tau Galaxy to seize the Clan Wolf world. The attack on Gunzburg was one part of the Ghost Bear counter-attack against the Clan Hell's Horses forces that Khan Vladimir Ward had brought to the Inner Sphere as allies and who had launched their own invasion of the Ghost Bear Occupation Zone during the Combine/Ghost Bear War.[2]

The Jihad[edit]


Continuing to operate as a part of Beta Galaxy, the 304th took part in the Ghost Bear campaign against the Word of Blake during the Jihad; Beta's first target was Pesht,[3] which the Ghost Bears hit on the 15th of December 3074, the same day their forces also struck at Luthien. The Ghost Bear forces attacked the Blakist forces remorselessly, making no attempt to offer zellbrigen to their opponents on either world; the Ghost Bears also destroyed any DCMS units that attempted to intervene, and by the 20th of December had crushed their enemies on both worlds.[4][5]

Kaus Media and Ascella[edit]

Beta Galaxy then abandoned Pesht at the end of January 3075, as abruptly as they had arrived;[5][6] the Ghost Bears organized their forces to drive towards Terra in several waves, each named after the lead Galaxy in that wave. Beta Galaxy formed the heart of Beta wave, striking first at secondary worlds like Kaus Media and Ascella[3] on the 6th of October 3075.[7][8]

Rho[9] and Theta Galaxies[10] were assigned to support Beta Galaxy in Beta Wave, with Rho seizing Kaus Australis and joining the assault on Ascella;[9] the resulting battle the Fourteenth Battle Cluster take enough damage that it had to retreat, but Beta Galaxy pressed on.[3] Rho Galaxy was pushed into reserve on Ascella after the 297th Battle Cluster was nearly destroyed, leaving Beta Galaxy and one of the units personally affiliated to Devlin Stone, Stone's Lament, to clear the planet.[9] The losses on Ascella were such that Theta Galaxy was moved up from a garrison role to an active combat role within Beta Wave, only to see the Galaxy perform poorly when tasked with capturing Moore[10] in July 3076[11][12] and Pike IV[10] in September 3076.[11][12]


Beta Galaxy won the right to join the attack on the Blakist forces at Dieron[3] in 3077[13] alongside Alpha,[14] Rho[9] and Omega Galaxies.[15] Dieron was a bloodbath for all the Ghost Bear Galaxies involved; Beta smashed through the Blakist blockade in the system and took over the city of Olivet,[13] but lost the 304th Assault Cluster in the battle fought in the Chiloe Pass and also had to disband the Twelfth Bear Chevaliers after they were gutted by Blakist forces in the tunnels within Fortress Dieron.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 304th Assault Cluster (Clan Ghost Bear)
Star Colonel Paul Vishio 3050[16]
Commanding Officers of the 304th Assault Cluster (Ghost Bear Dominion)
Star Colonel Paul Vishio 3067[17]


As with Beta Galaxy this Cluster practices a careful approach to warfare, using mechanized Elementals to support flanking maneuvers. Star Colonel Vishio also employs his Elementals as effective sappers and headhunters.[16]

Unit Insignia[edit]

  • The insignia of the 304th Assault Cluster shows a a bear silhouetted against a gray tower, howling like a wolf.[18]

Composition History[edit]


304th Assault Cluster

  • Supernova Trinary Command - Star Captain Dillan Vong
    • Alpha Command Nova (5 OmniMechs, 25 Elementals)
    • Bravo Command Nova (5 OmniMechs, 25 Elementals)
    • Charlie Command Nova (5 OmniMechs, 25 Elementals)
  • 321st Assault Trinary - Star Captain Vegara Ortiz
    • Alpha Assault Star (5 OmniMechs)
    • Bravo Assault Star (5 OmniMechs)
    • Charlie Assault Star (5 OmniMechs)
  • 14th Assault Supernova - Star Captain Bernard Bazso
    • Alpha Assault Nova (5 OmniMechs, 25 Elementals)
    • Bravo Assault Nova (5 OmniMechs, 25 Elementals)
    • Charlie Assault Nova (5 OmniMechs, 25 Elementals)
  • 72nd Assault Trinary - Star Captain Edwin Bekker
    • Alpha Assault Star (5 OmniMechs)
    • Bravo Assault Star (5 OmniMechs)
    • Charlie Assault Star (5 OmniMechs)
  • 1st Elemental Support Binary - Star Captain Ossin Vong
    • Alpha Elemental Star (25 Elementals)
    • Bravo Elemental Star (25 Elementals)


304th Assault Cluster


304th Assault Cluster

  • 5 Trinaries


304th Assault Cluster (Veteran/Fanatical)[17]

- At this point in time the 304th was stationed on Gunzburg and was operating at just forty-five percent of full strength, but three-quarters of the were Cluster using OmniMech or equivalent technology.[17]


The 304th's 72nd Assault Trinary was the protagonist's unit in Ghost Bear's Legacy.


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