305th Assault (Clan Jade Falcon)

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305th Assault Cluster
Nickname The Blood Vision
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Parent Command Iota Galaxy
Delta Galaxy (previous)


Despite facing some of the invasion's fiercest battles,[1] the 305th Assault Cluster lost Montmarault to the First Viper Guards during the Fifth Wave of Operation REVIVAL. Destroyed on Baker 3 by Clan Wolf forces during the Refusal War. Rebuilt with a mix of veterans and new recruits and sent on to fight on Coventry, taking approximately forty percent losses in that campaign.[citation needed]


The First Wave began for the Blood Vision when the 305th, along with the Third Falcon Talon Cluster and the rest of Gyrfalcon Galaxy crushed the Seventh Regiment and then faced ongoing resistance fighters after the destruction of the mercenary Twelfth Star Guards on Bensinger[2][3][4]

Black Earth was the next target for Gyrfalcon Galaxy, attacking elements of First Grave Walkers and the remains of the Seventeenth Skye Rangers RCT. The aerospace forces of the Jade Falcons surprised the FedCom aerospace forces while still on the ground, and later overpowered the Lyran unit's 'Mechs after an hour of fighting near the Black Earth spaceport. The mercenaries lit the New Houston refinery aflame, hoping to screen their movements, but the superior Clan technology led to the defeat of the Inner Sphere forces within 30 hours.[5]

Hit-and-run raids from retired LCAF Major Hans Remke on Maxie's Planet forced the 305th to hunt down the lance of medium 'Mechs that defended the planet for much of May 3050. Despite his Phoenix Hawk being destroyed, after four months and the arrival of a Provisional Garrison Cluster, the raids began again suggesting the survival of the old warrior.[5]

Gyrfalcon Galaxy caught up to the Twelfth Star Guards on Wotan in June 3050.[6] Survivors of the First and Second Regiments effectively coordinated their attacks until Clan aerospace forces killed Colonel Franklin Pierce and their OmniMech forces crushed the remaining demoralized mercenaries. The Wotan TMM was easily crushed, fighting so poorly as to be described as a execution by Khan Elias Crichell.

Star League records listed Antares as the site of an SLDF replenishment and supply base, unknown to the inhabitants, or the Federated Commonwealth, who defended the planet with only a militia battalion.[7] Ordered to take the base all all costs, the Galaxy's aerospace forces destroyed the militia's fighters on the ground, and the OmniMechs quickly took the capital Antares City. Alba, directly atop the SLDF base, was initially forbidden to be bombarded to ensure the water purification system's survival. The heavy casualties suffered by the Second Falcon Jaegers and Khan Crichell learning that the system could be replaced within months with Clan technology led to a rescinding of the order and the town's destruction. The unearthing of the Star League base stunned the populace, and the ordered sharing of the planet with the Steel Vipers by the ilKhan angered the Jade Falcons and led to a series of Trials of Refusal.

The Cluster joined the Galaxy on Blackjack, watching as the Second Falcon Jaegers inflicted 80% casualties on the Blackjack Training Battalion. Some cadets joined the Galaxy as bondsmen,[8] though the Steel Vipers later took the planet and razed the planet's school.

The 305th finally received solitary action at Dompaire in August 3050, landing almost inside the capital Dompaire Central, and quickly destroying the aging vehicles and 'Mechs of the Dompaire Armored Cavalry in a brief counterattack by the Spheroids.[9] By the second day, the Falcons controlled the world, though resistance fighters continued attacks and bombings for sometime.

A month later, the Galaxy was reconstituted for the attack on Parakoila. The site layout, a huge winding underground mine, and defensive installations forced the Falcon attackers to slowly advance. The Khans ordered the mines be taken intact, and thus planetary bombardment was disallowed. Tunnel by tunnel fighting took 6 weeks in September to October 3050, and Inner Sphere 'Mechs continued to emerge even after Tukayyid to raid Steel Viper forces.[10]

Following the return from the Homeworlds and the Grand Kurultai, the 305th then defended Montmarault from the Steel Vipers unsuccessfully in November 3051. The Viper Guards had thus far not faced the Inner Sphere, while the Falcon forces were forced to make due with equipment that had faced many battles and untested fledglings from the Homeworlds.[11]

The Galaxy again fought together on Quarell in December 3051. Incensed at the losses to the Steel Vipers, the Inner Sphere hit-and-run tactics failed this time, with the aerospace fighters of the Falcons successfully scouting the Inner Sphere positions and orbital 'Mech drops leading to the near destruction of the Quarell 'Mech battalion, with only 6 members becoming bondsmen to the enraged Galaxy.

Refusal War[edit]

Fighting against Clan Wolf on Baker 3 in 3057 the Cluster took 98% casualties, including their commanding officer, in a devastating defeat. That saw the 305th hit by successive hit and run attacks that depleted its ammunition supply to critical levels and left its forces strung out. The Wolf main attack virtually destroyed the unit leaving only two Points of Elementals alive.[12]

Battle of Coventry[edit]

Rebuilt with fresh warriors straight out of the sibkos the 305th faced off against the Eridani Light Horse's 71st Light Horse Regiment on Coventry in 3058. During this engagement, the Light Horse units destroyed the 305th's supporting artillery units and then forced the 305th out of their positions. The 305th inflicted severe damage on the Horsemen however, making this one of the Light Horse's costliest victories.[13]

The 305th also assaulted the north side of the Inner Sphere base, striking at the 10th Skye Rangers and Coventry Donegal March Militia units stationed there.[14] The Falcons were driven off, but they later slammed into the Eridani Light Horse's position supported by Arrow IV and Thumper artillery. Despite this, they were repelled by the Horsemen.[15]

During the fighting on Coventry, the unit was composed of Trinaries and Novas, afterwards it was reduced to Binaries.[16] As of 3059, the unit was considered dangerously understrength.[citation needed]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 305th Assault Cluster
Star Colonel Evelyn Buhallin 3052 - 3057[17][12]
Star Colonel Tara 3058 - 3059[18]
Star Colonel Noritomo Helmer 3134[19]


The 305th Assault Cluster lost all its tactical specialties in the Refusal War. During the fighting on Coventry they preferred head on fights.[18]

Composition History[edit]




305th Assault Cluster (Regular/Reliable)[20]

Note: At this time the unit was stationed on Leskovik with an operational readiness of 95 percent.[20]


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