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  • Clan Jade Falcon's 3rd Falcon Talon Cluster conducts an exploratory raid on Graus.
  • Second Combine-Dominion War - Continues
    • January 31st - Battle for Mualang ends in Dominion victory.
    • January 18th - First Battle of Labrea is won by Clan Ghost Bear force.
    • February - 73rd Battle and 243rd Battle Clusters of takes Yamarovka, but fail to exterminate the escaping Nova Cat civilians.
    • April 9th - Clan Ghost Bear's Beta Galaxy invades and take Itabaiana
    • April 25th - Second Legion of Vega raids the Dominion worlds of Orestes.
    • May 21st - First Ghost regiment forces of the 55th Provisional Garrison Cluster off Jarrett, claiming the planet.
    • May 23rd - 13th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre takes Thule from the Ghost Bears.
    • June/Early July - Joint task force of Ghost Bear Clusters takes Asgard in city battle, killing saKhan Paul Leroux in Nova Cat's retreat from the world.
    • Late July/Early August - Ghost Bears take Caripare in brutal battle, wiping out the Nova Cat Rangers.
    • September - Meilen falls to the Ghost Bear Dominion's Fourth Kavalleri Cluster.
    • October - Second Battle of Labrea, Clan Nova Cat reclaims Labrea from Ghost Bears.
    • November - Fifth Sword of Light raids Sternewerde, knocking the 300th Battle Cluster out of the War.
    • December - The Rasalhague Dominion Leviathan-class battleship Rasalhague's task force destroys the Draconis Combine's factory ships Ryū and Mount Niitaka and the Inazuma-class corvette escort ship DCS Amber Lotus in the unihabited Bikini Atoll system.




  • The Sternensturm light OmniFighter debuts in combat on Graus.
  • The Würger-class small craft enters service.
  • The Quikscell Company begins production of the Skadi VTOL.
  • Luthien Armor Works begins production on the DRG-11K Dragon II BattleMech for the Draconis Combine.