30th Division (Word of Blake)

30th Division (WoB) logo.png
30th Division (IV-gamma)
Formed Late 3060s
Nickname Acts of Salvation
Affiliation Word of Blake
Parent Command Word of Blake Militia

The Thirtieth Division was a Word of Blake Militia Division which was "hidden" from the eyes of the Inner Sphere until the outbreak of the Jihad War. The 30th was known for its participation in the capture of Coventry and for its military operations in Free Worlds League space.



The unit first appeared in early 3068, initially being reported as having only two Level III formations. The Division was assigned with the Aegis Class Heavy Cruiser, Immortal Spirit as part of the blockade force surrounding the Lyran world of Coventry and capturing it. This was part of the Blakist military operation code named Steel Hammer, a plan to cripple the military industries of the Lyran Alliance. The Acts of Salvation swiftly took out the Coventry CPM in a matter of days. The unit shut down the local HPG to isolate the planet.[1] However, despite securing Coventry Metal Works and the planet's capital city the Division never fully secured the planet. This allowed resistance, militia, and other freedom fighters to continue their efforts to fight off Blakist control. During this time, the unit was able to secure a Division's worth of production runs of BattleMechs and other equipment from the CMW complex. The two Level IIIs along with the limited Aerospace forces from the Immortal Spirit continued to blockade the planet until Devlin Stone's Coalition Force arrived in mid-3073.

During the Coalition's battle for the planet, the 30th Division was isolated in both the capital city and CMW production complex. The Level III entrenched at the complex fought a pitched battle against coalition forces which included Clan Jade Falcon troops. However, both forces were utterly shattered in process of the liberation of the planet by the Coalition.[2]

The Expatriates & Free Worlds League[edit]

During the Coventry operations, expatriates were assigned to the 30th Division. These individuals filled the ranks of the Division and were assigned to conduct strikes in the Draconis Combine. Many of these new troops appear to have come from training camps in the Circinus Federation. This was indicated as new Division elements struck Combine worlds of Alya and Kessel. The Circinus troops were noted for their brutality by using neutron bombs on world of Kessel. Reports of the Combine's WarShip, DCS Siriwan that was in the system, did not detect these Blakist forces.

In 3071 the entire division was relocated to the Free Worlds League world of Loyalty. It became part of the Blakist operating theater's defense forces in the Duchy of Graham-Marik. The 30th lost a Level III to one of the many raids conducted by the newly independent Duchy of Tamarind.[3]

In 3077 the 30th Division was assigned to Atreus to train alongside the 15th Division for mountain warfare.[4] Unfortunately, the 30th Division was the target of more than a decade of pent-up FWLM anger: The 2nd Free Worlds Legionnaires and 8th Free Worlds Legionnaires completely destroyed the 30th Division at the Karpov Training Range in November, 3077.[5]

Despite the apparent destruction of the 30th Division on Atreus, forces wearing the colors of the 30th raided a number of worlds on the Periphery border of both the Free Worlds League and the Lyran Alliance on the 26th of June 3080.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 30th Division
Precentor III-Epsilon Brock Brandis 3077[7]


Composition History[edit]

These are reported unit strengths. There are no solid numbers except for the force operating in League space.


  • Two Level IIIs


  • Seven Level IIIs (two Level III on Coventry)


  • Five Level IIIs


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