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  • Warrior House Ma-Tsu Kai assaults Prospect Hill on Kurragin. Lt. Jonah Levin commands Kyrkbacken Militia, Echo Company in defense and later in an assault on a Ma-Tsu Kai's ammo dump.
  • Wolf's Dragoons conduct objective raids against the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey.
  • The Draconis Combine unsuccessfully attempts to recapture Mualang from the Rasalhague Dominion.
  • The ManMangler mercenary unit clashes with the Third Raven Auxiliaries on Milligan's World in the Raven Alliance.
  • Sung's Rangers raid the world of Sirdar.


  • A Republic JumpShip vanishes near the Capellan border.
  • The Capellan Confederation invades The Republic of the Sphere.
    • Kyrkbacken Militia's First and Third Regiments are called up and sent to Kurragin in Capellan space to recover the crew of a destroyed Republic DropShip.
  • Unrest in the former Free Worlds League ends with threats of invasion from Devlin Stone.
  • DiNapoli Industries is founded.



  • Clan Jade Falcon launches a revitalization program, eventually leading to the development of the Shrike and Gyrfalcon BattleMechs.
  • The Hippogriff ProtoMech enters service with Clan Snow Raven.
  • Tao 'Mechworks begins production of the Lu Wei Bing Assault 'Mech for the Capellan Confederation.
  • DiNapoli Industries' OPO-2 Opossum SalvageMech is introduced.