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  • June 12th: Jacob Bannson completes a takeover of DiNapoli Industries.
  • June 18th: Republic Geological Resources is announced to have discovered a large oil deposit on Addicks.
  • July 25th: The HPG on Liao shuts down for four days under mysterious circumstances.
  • August 7th: On Gray Monday, 3/4th of the HPG grid goes down as unknown forces launch a Sphere-wide assault, including viral cascading and physical attacks against HPG Compounds.
  • Fear leads individuals in The Republic of the Sphere to group into factions that begin to cater to other powers, bringing them into military conflict with The Republic itself.
  • December 21st: Jacob Bannson announces the formation of the Common Relief Agency.


  • June 18th: Katana Tormark refuses a Knighthood from the Republic of the Sphere.
  • June 24th: Prefect Kal Radick announces a planned military building up Prefecture IV of the Republic of the Sphere.
  • June 25th: Senator Kev Rosse makes a proposal to the Republic Senate for a massive increase in military spending.
  • July 9th: Jonah Levin is promoted to Paladin.


  • Reports of the Ares BattleMech begin to emerge.
  • Work begins to develop the Aegis Point Defense Suit variant of the Angerona battle armor is introduced.