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  • 7 February: Draconis Combine raid on Vega repelled by native and Clan Ghost Bear forces.
  • 20 February: Unukalhai falls to Clan Wolf.
  • 15 March: Anastasia Kerensky defeats Clan Wolf forces on Skondia.
  • 1 June: Marik conquered by a joint force from the Spirit Cats, Clan Sea Fox, and the Oriente Protectorate
  • 25 July: The Lyran Commonwealth begins Operation HAMMERFALL by invading the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey.
  • 30 August: Millungera invaded by Lyran Commonwealth.
  • 4 September: Bondurant invaded by Lyran Commonwealth.
  • 31 October: Labouchere invaded by Lyran Commonwealth.
  • 12 November: Lyran-employed Kirkpatrick's Invaders destroy Avanti's Angels during assault on Promised Land.
  • 29 November: Simpson Desert is conquered by Lyran-employed Camacho's Caballeros.
  • 5 December: Danais invaded by Lyran Commonwealth.
  • 14 December: Tamarind falls to Lyrans, leading to a ceasefire between the Duchy and the Commonwealth.
  • Clan Wolf attacks former Republic of the Sphere worlds as a diversion.
  • The mercenary unit Los Chupacabras takes heavy losses in an abortive Senate Alliance raid on Nanking.
  • The Fourth Bear Regulars raid the Combine world of Schuyler.




  • The Stalker II enters service of the Duchy of Andurien.
  • The first prototypes of the Wulfen OmniMech begins testing period in Clan Wolf.
  • Robinson Standard BattleWorks and General Motors begin production of the Atlas III BattleMech.
  • Standard version of the Republic Institute of Strategic Combat's Advanced Point Defense System enters limited production for the Republic of the Sphere.