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  • February: The Oriente Protectorate's Eagle's Talons battalion raids Kwamashu to destroy a suspected 'Mech assembly plant. The raid triggers a massive chemical explosion that causes large portion of the planet's population to be killed or poisoned. This becomes known as the Kwamashu Incident.
    • The event triggers war between Oriente and the Duchy of Andurien.



  • June 5th: Lyran Commonwealth and Clan Wolf forces land on Stewart, killing Captain-General Anson Marik.


  • The Götterdämmerung Heavy BattleMech begins production in the Lyran Commonwealth.
  • The Koroshiya Heavy aerospace fighter is introduced into service with the Draconis Combine.
  • The Warwolf Heavy OmniMech enters limited production in the Wolf Empire.
  • The Saracen Mk II (BC3) variant is first produced for the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery.