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  • 12 May: Operation HAMMERFALL resumes.
  • 23 May: Operation HAMMERFALL suddenly ends with Clan Wolf attack on the Lyran Commonwealth.
  • Wisconsin is raided by a battalion-strong BattleMech force from the pirate band the Hateful Survivors, who are defeated by the mercenary unit Pandora's Box.
  • The pirate band known as the Hellion Harpies raid Siendou but face heavy resistance from the indigenous mercenary unit Ogoun's Machete.
  • Carvajal is unsuccessfully invaded by pirate forces.
  • The 4th Regulan Hussars fail to capture Aitutaki.
  • The 2nd Bear Regulars defend Jabuka from elements of the Jade Falcon's Fifty-third Battle Cluster, destroying the attacking Jade Falcon forces.
  • The 2nd Falcon Jaegers successfully defend Chahar from invading forces.


  • 15 January: Clan Hell's Horses agree to ally with Clan Jade Falcon in a drive for Terra.
  • 19 May: Peace treaty between Clan Wolf and Free Worlds League.
  • 12 October: Hanseatic League capital Bremen is conquered by the Escorpión Imperio, effectively breaking the League's resistance to the Imperio.
  • 14 December: Caleb Davion refuses any aid to the struggling Lyran Commonwealth.



  • The Lich drone assault 'Mech by RAF Manufacturing Center Providence is introduced.
  • The QSM Quasimodo BattleMech manufactured by Kali Yama and the Alphard Trading Corporation debuts in the Solaris VII arenas.