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  • (August) Clan Hell's Horses forces battle against Kell Hound elements in the city of Greywalk on the world of Timkovichi.
  • The Jade Falcon WarShip CJF Red Talon destroys the Kell Hounds and Beta Galaxy of Clan Hell's Horses on Timkovichi.
  • The Fourth Battle of Tamarind takes place.
  • Arcturus is successfully invaded by Clan Jade Falcon's Peregrine Galaxy.
  • The 11th Lyran Regulars are destroyed by Clan Wolf forces.
  • Malcontents seize an armory on Zavijava.




  • The Vandal OmniMech is secretly produced for the Capellan Confederation.
  • Clan Wolf's Wulfen Light OmniMech enters full production at Kallon Weapon Industries on Thermopolis.